Bits and Pieces – 20180220, Tuesday

Commentary: As today’s focus I want to offer two videos that outline the contamination of our food chain by agricultural practices and synthetic chemicals such as Monsanto’s glyphosate, trade name RounrUp, that are poisoning us and creating an epidemic of physical disease and disorders.

The first below, describes how modern agriculture has lead to food of decreasing nutritional value contaminated with compounds and genetic structures that are creating a major health epidemic while at the same time destroying soil quality:

The second, below discusses among other things the adverse effects of sugar and glyphosate and the physiological and neurological disorders they lead to such as autism and Alzheimer’s as well as obesity, diabetes, liver damage, cancer and cardiac problems:


WWIII: Here is a short article summed up by its title: The US is Executing a Global War Plan.

Warfare in the twenty-first century is more diverse than at any time in the past, partly due to globalization and partly due to technological innovation. One of the new weapons created by the later trend is the EMP weapon that George Friedman describes in the following post: The EMP Threat: How It Works and What It Means for the Korean Crisis.

It may be noted that naturally occurring EMP events are caused by our sun and these are unavoidable. To get an idea of their potential impact go to the 11:00 mark of the video interview with Mathew Stein by Grand Solar Minimum: When Technology Fails & When Disaster Strikes.

Continuing our interest in Syria as the locus for the next global war: Syria’s Afrin Move: “Artful Assistance To Allies” Or “Armageddon In The Making”?.

The American Empire (AE): As you may have discerned, I view NATO as the American Empire’s foreign legion in Europe and the Middle-East. In support of this read: Dancing to US Tune: NATO Creates Military Schengen and Launches Iraq Mission. Recall that Libya, which is now a failed state, was rendered so by NATO, and you as a Canadian, helped.

Climate: The solar cycle that we are just finishing, number 24, was examined in 2013 in the paper The peculiar solar cycle 24 – where do we stand?, Sarbani Basu 2013 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 440 012001, which looks at its unusual characteristics leading to some speculation about the next solar cycle 25.

Bits and Pieces: An enlightened education is wonderful: 100 Chicago Professors “Propose To Exclude Viewpoints They Find Objectionable”.

Finally, the following article predicts that the next financial crisis will begin in the consumer credit market: This Is Where The Next US Debt Crisis Is Hiding. However, if you think Canada will escape the crisis, think again. Below I have created a graph comparing consumer debt to GDP for both countries. The absolute value of the debt is not itself relevant for comparison due to the difference in size of the two markets.

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