Bits and Pieces – 20180325, Sunday

Commentary: This edition of Bits and Pieces is rather long in the tooth and perhspd less coherent than usual.

From the Left: It appears that left-wing activists have moved into the role of content reviewers on social media and are using their power to shut down right wing opinion: This Is The Worst Purge Of Conservative Voices In The History Of The Internet.

Trade Wars: Trump is ramping it up against China, its primary target: US Ends Formal Economic Talks With China Ahead Of Trade Wars.

Here’s some background information for you: Trump’s Hit List? Mapping The Top Export From Every Country.

WWIII: The question is where does this go when all the diplomats have been expelled: “Shocking And Unforgivable”: Russia To Expel UK Diplomats, Expand US “Blacklist” As Crisis Deepens? So what have they done about it: Russia Blamed For Attacks On US Power Grid Starting In 2016? Maybe someone should try and plug the holes. Of course, the US with its army of crypto hackers has never probed the Russian grid or staged “experimental” attacks. Stuxnet anyone?

Whatever Theresa May does with respect to Russia, the Queen is prepared: Queen Elizabeth II Has A WW3 Speech Written And It Is Ready To Deliver. She’s not Churchill.

Whether Paul Craig Roberts is out to lunch or merely prescient, I always read his stuff: World War 3 Is Approaching. We are certainly moving towards it rather than away: witness Theresa May’s recent attack. In support of what is an emerging political meme, here’s another article: The Neocon Full Court Press For War is Here.

Here’s a hotspot that I have been watching but have not commented on: India And Pakistan: Inching Toward Their Final War?. These guys have perennial border incidents going on. China is building out in Pakistan and India has been getting closer to the US: India-US relationship makes great strides in 2017 | The Indian Express. Have you ever played the game of Risk?

This is the first media admission that I have seen of the current state of global relations: The Second Cold War Has Begun — and We Only Have Ourselves to Blame. Subsequentially, it seems the MSM is picking up on this although in a rather dismissive tone of journalism: India-US relationship makes great strides in 2017 | The Indian Express and Back to the USSR: Putin and the new Cold War. The latter Globe and Mail article is heavily biased in its anti-Russian tone but I haven’t the time to deconstruct it.

Canada Corner: Oh Justin, you have some work to do: Where Immigrants Are Happiest! Just give them more money.

Bits and Pieces: I have repeated a theme of others that when things get bad at home governments whip up hysteria against foreign enemies as a diversion. I had not thought it out but where is Theresa May currently most vulnerable? Her Brexit fiasco or the British economy perhaps? So: Britain’s Cold War With Russia Poisons Corbyn’s Labour.

If you’re following the “nerve agent” attack allegedly by Russia, here’s some interesting analysis: Is The UK Manufacturing Its Nerve Agent Case For ‘Action’ On Russia?.

Nuance: Porton Down Scientists Under Extreme Pressure To Confirm Nerve Gas As Russian. Carefully worded, you can say something without blaming Russians in a way so subtle the stupid MSM will scream “Russians did it!”

Usually you don’t lie to congress or the senate: US CENTCOM Chief Comes Clean: General’s Three Stunning Admissions In The Mid-East. Well, they wanted the truth.

Why is Russia, Russia? George Friedman provides an understanding:
Putin’s Russia. Read this and understand why Russia is no threat either to Europe or Canada, which then leads one to the conclusion that we do not need to be in NATO. My bet is that the US would not allow us to withdraw from NATO.

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