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Jim Quinn has just published WINTER IS COMING (PART THREE), his third essay in a series based on the book The Fourth Turning by Strauss & Howe. It explains how the state of global political unrest is the end state of the current fourth turning.

I continue to make minor changes in the organization of the structure of these posts.


George Friedman talks about the effect of “asymmetry of interest” in warfare: War and the Asymmetry of Interests.

Economic Warfare

George Friedman also gives us a short discussion on the use of economic warfare to advance one’s interests and how the US in particular is doing this: The Far Reaches of US Soft Power.

Trade War

One of China’s trade war responses, tariffs on American sorghum, is having an unexpected sideeffect: US Sorghum “Armada” Turns Away From China After Tariffs.

Technological Warfare

Cyber Warfare

It may very well be propaganda, the use of unsupported claims to effect public opinion such as the recent Skripal affair and the alleged Syrian chemical attack, but we have this curious claim: US, UK Charge “Russian-Backed Hackers” With Infecting Routers In “Global Cyber Espionage Campaign”. That all parties concerned are secretly probing the others’ cyber infrastructure has been know for a long time and readily admitted, the US included. I have also discussed why overt attacks are not staged – they become single use weapons showing the enemy where its vulnerabilities lie and the nature of the attack weapon, allowing the enemy the opportunity to build protection. Their actual use will be in conjunction with a kinetic war.

Psychological Warfare (Psyops)

Propaganda and Fake News

Martin Armstrong explains the role of propaganda to demonize the enemy as part of preparing the population for war: West v Russia. The next article gives an example of how the MSM distorted source statements to produce an article with an intentional bias, a form of fake news: How The Guardian Fulfills George Orwell’s Prediction Of ‘Newspeak’.

The use of The New Yorker magazine to purvey the government propaganda line is discussed in the context of a wider discussion of the use of the MSM in general to  influence the thinking of the public:Useful Idiots? New Yorker Magazine Fails Litmus Test for Media Impartiality on Syrian War. Here the term “useful idiot” is that attributed to Lenin.

Another example of an organization which uses manufactured events presented as news to further their objectives is that of the “White Helmets”: Beware of White Helmets Bearing News. Although most of our reporting on the Douma incident is under the topic of WWIII, we present the psyop aspect here.

All sides use propaganda: Indonesian ISIS Recruits Threaten “Satanic” CNN, Universal Studios In New Propaganda Poster.

I’ve been struggling with where to place false flag attacks. Although they are represented by a physical event either real or mock, they are primarily staged for manipulating the psychology of the populace in a direction the government wishes. Here is a history of such events in Syria. You may recall them as originally reported but you are unlikely to have seen the followup investigations that have exposed the false aspect of them: Take The Red Pill – The History Of Syrian False Flags Exposed. This is the topic under which the Skripal and Douma events should be placed.

Further on the Douma incident: Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ Site, Concludes “They Were Not Gassed”. Also read: Germany’s Largest Public TV News Broadcaster: Syria Chemical Attack “Most Likely Staged”. Finally, an update on the OPCW investigation: OPCW Chemical Inspection Team Reaches Douma After Issuing Statement Negating “Russia Cover-Up” Claim.

Here is another list of questions that came to mind of someone who actually thought about and researched the Skripal case: The Skripal Case: 20 New Questions That Journalists Might Like To Start Asking

Political Subversion and Regime Change

This is a new topic and is the operational domain of the CIA as well as organizations such as those funded by George Soros. The following article examines an organization which organizes “popular” uprisings with regime change as the objective. It uses public relations to motivate protesters and is active in Syria: Inside the Shadowy PR Firm That’s Lobbying for Regime Change in Syria.

Kinetic Warfare

Regional War

Although it is a small country, integrating Armenia into a Western sphere of influence is  a logical geopolitical move in placing pressure on Russia: Western-Backed Regime Change Looms As Armenia PM Resigns Following Mass Protests.

The conflict between Israel and Iran is a little warmer as of late: “Our Hands Are On The Trigger”: Iran Threatens To “Annihilate” Israel.

The American Empire (AE)

Michael Krieger has written a multi-part essay on the AE and the direction it might take. Here is part 1: The Road to 2025 (Part 1) – Prepare for a Multi-Polar World. He separates the mythology of Pax Americana from the reality of empire. It is a concise but penetrating analysis. It is very much in line with my own thinking.

In part 2, he looks at the dynamic between the AE and both Russia and China: The Road To 2025 (Part 2) – Russia And China Have Had Enough. I found it interesting that he resurrected an earlier quote of his: WW3 will be more about currency and the financial system than missiles. If that is the case we have been in WWIII for a couple of years.

Finally, in part 3, he argues for the decline of the USD or petrodollar as part of the decline of empire: The Road to 2025 (Part 3) – USD Dominated Financial System Will Fall Apart. Like many, he is enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies as the eventual replacement. I don’t share this sentiment.

As for this question: Why Each US President Ends Up As Ruthless Interventionist These Days? It’s the empire, stupid.


Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

The MSM such as the CBC are still wondering why there are what they call “climate deniers”. The following essay describes the issues and problems around the public perception of a ‘consensus among scientists’ on disastrous anthropogenic global warming (AGW): Four questions on climate change.

Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)

This is a statement that I have seen multiple references to so I’ll reproduce one from Martin Armstrong: The Coldest April in 140 Years. You are unlikely to have noticed that while the MSM continues to report the occasional heat record, they have virtually ignored the thousands of snowfall and cold records that were established over the last few months.

National Politics

Socialism and the Left

Martin Armstrong weighs in on socialism and on impending impact of rising interest rates on the associates accumulated national debt:


This piece, Oh Canada! Canadians Starting To Feel The Pain of Debt, is simply a reminder of the ticking time bomb in Canada. I have in the past reported on the high risk associated with Canadian banks (BIS quarterly report), and the risk is primarily the exposure to the Canadian credit market. Great will be the fall thereof when rates rise. If you think we may have learned a lesson, think again: Congrats! Canadians Just Set A New Record For Borrowing Against Their Homes.


Martin Armstrong comments on the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation: The Atlantic Current if Slowing Down = Global Cooling. Some data on the temperature anomaly can be found here: Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation (AMO). Since I’ve seen other articles on this effect I thought it time to introduce it.

Economic Issues

I am adding another topic on economic issues since this is the largest non-geopolitical topic threatening our well-being. The sub-categories are all areas with massive future impact. They are not orthogonal (mutually exclusive) but have separate characterization in economic analysis and reporting.

Sovereign Debt and the Credit Crisis

That most countries of the world have had sovereign default events in their past including the US and Canada is well documented by Reinhart and Rogoff in their book This Time is Different. Globally, sovereign credit is at mind-boggling record highs. It is widely accepted that it cannot ever be paid off. Economists that suggest we can eliminate it by inflating it away are misreading their tea leaves. Hyperinflation would be needed and would occur but all currencies would be destroyed in the process. Here is an article on the current state of debt: The Sovereign Debt Crisis has Spread to 119 Countries.

Incidentally sovereign debt of major nations is considered “risk-free” and assigned a zero interest rate premium. To this end, read: “The System Will Have To Collapse”.

In a separate note, Martin Armstrong says that the ECB cannot unwind its bond purchases without creating a financial crisis by sending interest rates through the roof: The Central Bank Crisis on the Immediate Horizon.

Bits and Pieces

The next article references research into the development of vat-grown protein. Once it’s flavoured, coloured, textured, breaded and deep fried, will you be able to tell where your McChicken burger comes from? Will you care: The Empire Strikes Back, Part 3: “Big Meat” Tries To Define Away The Competition? Of greater interest in the article, however, is the idea contained in this statement (emphasis added):

Common-sense solutions to the implosion of the world’s fiat currencies/fractional-reserve banks/military empires, including big cuts in pensions and entitlements, the end of overseas military commitments, and the immediate adoption of sound (ideally gold-backed) money – will be met by entrenched interests standing in the way, demanding the equivalent of Big Beef’s silly definitional protection.

It is the idea that those who have power never relinquish it easily and without a fight.

The following article discusses human ancestry. Recent discoveries in Africa and elsewhere indicates there was a much greater collection of hominid species than the old theory that we have a single lineage: Three new discoveries in a month rock our African origins.

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