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This post has been gestating for well over a month. I need to get it out. Perhaps the most important item is one I received from a friend recently. It concerns how the Clown Prince’s narcissistic ego is threatening to absolutely destroy this country’s economy:

I have been focusing on setting up gardens. I expect the food I can grow will be important to my family in the coming years. If Trudeau blows away the auto sector then we will face very quickly, economic collapse.

There is a suggestion in the video that the government is dragging their heels on NAFTA waiting to see if the Mexicans will elect a left-wing president. Trudeau is stupid enough to think that in such a case, he and the Mexicans will have strength to get the NAFTA deal he wants. The problem is Trump holds all the cards.


Economic Warfare

Trade War

The US/China trade war has been quiet lately. In fact there may even be a truce: China Unexpectedly Slashes Auto Tariffs After Trump Trade Truce. Actually, it seems to be at a simmer.

On another front, dangers lurk: Trump Trounces NAFTA Hopes, Orders “National Security” Probe Of Auto Imports. And in the meantime Trump is doing what he said he would: Loonie, Peso Plunge As US Unveils Global Steel, Aluminum Tariffs. How Trumpian.

Will the US even notice: Canada Retaliates Over “Absolutely Absurd” Trump Tariffs, Says “Will Not Back Down”?

Psychological Warfare (Psyops)

Propaganda and Fake News

The control of content of social media programs has been reported on extensively over the last few months. The censorship is imposed by the media companies themselves and they have shown a clear bias against conservative views and news sources. The ability of social media to control our perceptions and conversations such that government propaganda needs are served, appears to be growing in a disturbing direction as is the case with Facebook: Now Facebook Serves NATO’s Needs. Speaking of NATO, the next article : Who Needs Enemies?

Understand why you need government propaganda, courtesy of one of your favourite neocon think-tanks: The Council On Foreign Relations Says Domestic Propaganda Is Necessary. In brief, the government’s job is to help you know what to think about key issues without actually getting you to think. Think about this.

An old incident has been rekindled: The Sinister Choreography Of The MH17 Probe To Smear Russia.At the time there were reported accounts of the Ukrainian air force using civilian jetliners as cover to hide from rebel anti-aircraft defenses. It is well-established that the Ukrainian government directed civilian air craft to fly over disputed territory rather than avoiding it. Finally, the government never released the tapes or transcripts of ground control operations involving MH17. It seemed at the time that a surface -to-air missile fired at a government bomber hit the aircraft that it was using as a shield. But there’s no value in such an account to Western interests so it has been suppressed.

The MSM convinced the sheeple that the Russians did it (the Skripal affair) within the first 24 hours and the sheeple moved on to more Stormy issues. The German’s however, won’t let go … German Officials Admit “Still No Evidence” From UK That Russia Poisoned Skripals.

Recall this recent image used against Trump’s immigration policy – oh, wait, it extends back into the Obama administration but we will ignore that as a good liberal: The Truth Behind Viral Photo Of “Immigrant Child” Crying Inside A ‘Cage’. Here’s a second case of  manufactured news on the same topic: Fake News – Little Girl Was Never Taken From Her Mother. By now, one should have reached the point where they believe nothing from the MSM, at least when there are clearly interests behind the curtain that have an agenda – and control the MSM.

The American Empire (AE)

The pear might very well be my favourite fruit. But a pear’s excellence is ephemeral. The Bartlett pair is the species exemplar. At it’s peak of perfection, it is soft, sweet and juicy through to the core. Try it a day earlier and it is crisper – almost hard – and only beginning to be sweet and juicy. Try it a day later and it has begun to rot from the core, the flesh turning brown and disintegrating. Empires die when their core rots and collapses.

The next essay discusses measures of the rot at the core of American society: Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse. It is a short thought-provoking read. When you understand the cyclical nature of natural systems, the decay of our political systems is revealed as natural and unavoidable – in a strange way beautiful.

A sense of Trump’s White House that has emerged for me as of late is that Trump has finally begun developing a very focused team of operatives that support his key directions. With Gina Haspel he has brought the CIA into the fold. It is not clear that he has yet got the DOJ or the FBI on side but that may be coming. Watch to see if the Inspector General’s report brings down the element of the Deep State in these institutions that have been fighting Trump, along with Obama and the Clinons. In the meantime meet the new CIA director: The Friendly Mask Of The Orwellian Oligarchy Is Slipping Off. (Note: this is the risk of publishing so infrequently – stale news).

It seems the Trump administration is falling back into line with imperial (neocon) thinking on the frontier: Nikki Haley Seems To Be Saying US Will Remain In Syria As Long As Iran Exists.

Cold War II

How it started: How the FBI and CIA Restarted the Cold War to Protect Themselves.


Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

Melting sea ice at the poles is being attributed to AGW. There is another source which scientists are aware of but have no handle on: Volcanic Activity Melting Ice at the North & South Poles.

An important source of data on ice in the Arctic and Greenland is Polar Portal, at, where Danish research institutions display the results of their monitoring of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the sea ice in the Arctic.

National Politics


While the next article does not concern Trump’s personality, it does have bearing on his geopolitical strategies: The Geostrategy That Guides Trump’s Foreign Policies. Surprise, surprise, it involves energy.


The evil of Canada’s national debt explained: Canada’s Debt Spiral: Does Justin Trudeau Live In An Alternative Reality? Down the national rabbit hole. The end is sovereign default, higher taxes and austerity.

Here’s an interesting item: Winnipeg Grain Exchange Closing Right in Time for the Cycle.

The Clown Prince is certainly making his mark, according to the Hill: Trump advisers lash out at Trudeau. The source said: Navarro, Trump’s top trade adviser, in an appearance on Fox News, declared Trudeau’s comments “one of the worst political miscalculations of a Canadian leader in modern Canadian history.”

We were proud then – National Post editorial board: Canada’s proud role in Libya – and Canadians can be proud today (I’m finishing this on Canada Day) that they helped create this: Libya “Before And After” Photos Go Viral. As I recall, we ran short of bombs and had to go to Parliament for more: Canada drops 240 bombs in Libya air campaign.

Economic Issues

Sovereign Debt and the Credit Crisis

Here is the entire series of letters from John Mauldin on the credit crisis which will rapidly become a political and social crisis. John has a huge stable of contacts of the best economic minds practicing today (some may even be economists). His writing is extremely well thought out, penetrating and absolutely solid on its factual base. This series of articles is very readable. You will understand what is coming and why. Only the timing of the major disruptions and the severity of impact are unknown at this point. Rest assured it is soon and it will be devastating to a huge swath of the global population in its knock-on effects. The articles in order that they should be read are:

  1. Credit-Driven Train Crash (May 11)
  2. Train Crash Preview (May 18)
  3. High Yield Train Wreck (May 25)
  4. The Italian Trigger (June 1)
  5. Debt Clock Ticking (June 8)
  6. The Pension Train Has No Seat Belts (June 15)

and two more covering related to looming economic crises:

  1. A Liquidity Crisis of Biblical Proportions Is Upon Us.
  2. Unfunded Promises

Personal Development

Modify your lifestyle to include: Your Life, According to a New Harvard Study. The five points are:

  1. Don’t smoke.
  2. Maintain a low body mass index.
  3. Work out for 30 minutes per day.
  4. Drink alcohol moderately.
  5. Maintain a healthy diet.

Bits and Pieces

I have discussed Bitcoin energy costs in past posts. Here’s an update: Bitcoin is consuming as much energy as the country of Ireland. As I have argued, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies in their present form are a pop culture fantasy and are not viable alternative for a global financial system.

I like spiders. The large garden spider, should you be lucky enough to have one, is a beautifully coloured creature that traps flying insects like flies and mosquitos, in their webs. In our last house, we had a spider in our house – mainly the bathroom –  that we named Henry. He wasn’t a web builder but instead patrolled surfaces looking for dinner. I considered catching him, putting him in a match box, and bringing him with us and the cats when we moved. The thing that you should ask yourself if you have a healthy spider in your house is what is he eating? Consider: Should I kill spiders in my home? An entomologist explains why not to. The same goes for snakes such as the garter snake.

How the shepherd fleeces his flock: Preacher Asks Followers To Help Buy Fourth Private Jet For $54 Million.

We live in a world where people freely and happily give up personal information for public access. For example, people will give up their lineage information to online  heritage sites like Ancestry. And what is one of the most popular security questions people use in securing access to a range of sites including banks? “What is your mothers maiden name?” Now we give up our DNA information: Why a DNA data breach is much worse than a credit card leak.

Coming next after banning guns, banning sharp knives (just pick up your steak in your hands and gnaw off a piece like fido) and eventually all knives. How about pencils and pens and any sharpened objects such as those we developed in pre-neolithic times… British Judge Says Kitchen Knives Are Too Sharp: Filing Them Down Will Stop Stabbing Epidemic.

Now it’s weaponizing mathematics: Professor Blames Mathematics For “Global Disparities In Wealth”.

It turns out that when we visit other stars we won’t have to take fly swatters with us. Interstellar space is full of naphthalene (moth balls) so there will be no bugs: Space is full of dirty, toxic grease, scientists reveal. However, space travelers will have to be careful about throwing cigarette butts out the window. Rather than burning down forests as they do on earth they could burn down the universe. We may need the physicists’ theory of multi-verses to be true so we can move to another universe once we’ve destroyed this one – by global warming if not by cigarettes.

Martin Armstrong provides an extensive list of classic books in electronic format: list.

The following video gives some great insights into the characteristics of primate alpha males (we’re primates so listen up):

End Notes

I can be reached at the following email address. It is not in standard format as webcrawling robots harvest identifiable email addressees from webpages, compile them into lists and sell the lists to spammers. Use thepoog before the @ symbol and digitaldoor after it followed by .net. Please forward any comments directly by email.

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