Bits and Pieces – 20180709, Monday


Brief but more relevant, temporally.

Trade War

We like to have clear start and end dates for wars. Ray Dalio sees the tariffs against China launched by Trump a couple of days ago as an event that can spiral into a full-blown trade war which then has the potential to become a kinetic war.

Propaganda and Fake News

I am realizing as of late that more and more of what are for me the fundamental beliefs of the nature of the world, politically and socially, are wrong. My life, as is yours, is a web of examined assumptions. I’ve begun examining them as I realize what they are. They are in fact, so subtle that I can’t put my finger on one at the moment. Here’s an article that speaks to the issue: Babies. From the same author: This Is What Modern War Propaganda Looks Like.

It’s official: “No Nerve Agents” In Douma: OPCW Report Demolishes White House Sarin Narrative. So the cruise missile attack on Syria based on the media story of a chemical weapon attack in Douma was gratuitous. Oh well – sorry?

Skripal 1.0 has been so thoroughly disparaged that it has disappeared from the MSM. For summer entertainment, however, we have been presented with Skripal 2.0: Another Novichok Poisoning Has Britain Investigating a Dangerous Mystery. This case has been declared a “novichok poisoning” just as quickly as Skripal 1.0. Although in the first case, the “agent” used was found by a Swiss lab to not have been a novichok nerve agent, this case has to be as it is the only way it can be blamed on the Russians, even though the closest source of novichok is probably Poton Down.

The alt-media is already ahead of the British government: Skripal 2.0: Here’s 10 Easy Questions The British Government Must Answer.

The American Empire (AE)

Here’s an article about my favourite weapon of mass destruction: Psychoanalysing NATO: Projection. And exercising my right to confirmation bias, here’s another article: Craig Murray: No Need For NATO. It’s a much more in-depth article than I could put together to argue the point. And here’s another article along the same line: NATO Is Obsolete. Note the reference to Canada having the lowest contribution as a percentage of GDP. It will be interesting to see how the Court Jester dances around this problem when he has such an extensive list of social re-engineering agenda items which he has to fund.

The AE needs NATO. It needs the appearance of broad coalition support for its aggressive interventions in the name of national interests which never seem to be defined. And it needs foreign boots on the ground and foreign bombs to reduce the risk to American lives and the operational costs of foreign adventures.

Trump was clear on this from the outset indicating that he wanted more foreign bankrolling of the AE’s extension of Pox Americana. It would be a typical Trump negotiating tactic of the kind we have seen to date to threaten the nuclear option – US withdrawal from NATO – in order to get the position which he is really aiming for: the rest of NATO paying their “fair share”: “Craziness Becoming Strategic” – NATO Leaders In Panic Mode Ahead Of Trump Visit. Fear not that the US will withdraw from NATO. As long as the AE survives, NATO will be its primary foreign legion.

End Notes

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