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As you will have discerned by now, I consider that the CIA is the most evil organization on the planet. Much of its subversive operation has come into public awareness through declassified official documents, apart from accounts by people previously close to its operations. The problem is that it can take 50 years before documents get declassified and even then may be heavily redacted. Fortunately there are enough discerning people ferreting out its activities today.

A year ago I had thought to write an article about the CIA by collecting references to its activities involving assassinations of foreign officials and coups against democratically elected foreign governments. As I started to do research I discovered such a trove of information by people who had already gone down this path that I abandoned the effort as superfluous, other than for my own enlightenment.

In this post I will link to an article, the first of three parts, that details the actions of the US in Syria though its primary instrument of covert foreign intervention and subversion, the CIA. It should be a good addition to your reference list.


Trade War

As Jim Rickards has said on many occasions: EU’s Tusk Warns Trump Trade Wars “Often” Turn Into Real Wars.

This just in: U.S. launches tariff challenge at WTO against Canada, Mexico, Turkey, China and EU. To quote the CBC on United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, recent tariffs implemented by the U.S. on foreign steel and aluminum are “justified under international agreements,” but retaliatory measures from other countries in response are not. One sided perhaps?

Not to let things quiet down, Trump readies the next attack: Futures Tumble After Trump Says “Ready To Go” With $500BN In Tariffs On All Chinese Imports.

Cyber Warfare

These people have failed the sanity test: Democrats Call Russia Meddling “Act Of War”, Urge Cyber Attack On Moscow Banks In Retaliation.

Political Subversion and Regime Change (CIA)

There is a propensity to blame others for exactly what you yourself are doing, perhaps to deflect attention: When Will We Be Truthful About Bureaucratic Intervention into Foreign Elections?. The case of Antifa came up in a recent conversation with a friend. It is the name, an abbreviation of “anti-facist”, of an organization that exhibits all of the characteristics of the fascist organization in Europe in the 1930s.

Not sure what topic to file this under. Arguably, this is the Deep State in action: “Democratic Institutions?” – 10 Lessons From History That Will Destroy Your Trust In The CIA. As I have noted, there is a large volume of literature written about the activities of the CIA in terms of subversion, assassination, promotion of terror, and now I suppose with the use of drones, mass murder. If we include the US support for genocide in Yemen, we might add war crimes.

To give a current example of the activities of the CIA, read: The Myth of US ‘Inaction’ in Syria. This article is the first of three that I will link as they are published. It provides an exhaustive account of events in the Syrian war and the role the US played in supporting rebels and jihadists via the CIA. It is very long compared to articles that I usually reference but I believe it is comprehensive.

The American Empire (AE)

The argument in favour of empire and Pox American is that it preserves global order and peace. The fact that the AE has been at war somewhere in the world for most of the last 60 years speaks to the kind of peace it promotes – at the end of a gun barrel. Pity there is no evidence to support the claim.

The US military has undergone a transformation: Commandos Sans Frontières: The Global Growth Of U.S. Special Operations Forces. The use of special forces is a form of military intervention that can be used with surgical precision, low loss of assets, and at low cost compared to other forms such as carpet bombing or a battalion of Marines. That they are everywhere globally is, along with more than 1000 military and CIA base, a sign of the extent of empire.

I have noted in the past how the US justifies its foreign policy on the basis of defending “American interests” which, frustratingly and perhaps conveniently, are never defined. There is another justification used to rally the sheeple that is discussed in the next article: Two Keywords for US Imperialism: ‘Justification’ and ‘Plausibility’. For every evil dictator overthrown by the US, two have been supported or instated as long as they support American interests, particularly over energy issues.


Gaslighting is a term I first encountered in the Dilbert comic strip. It seems particularly suited to describe the modern political environment of propaganda and fake news  as provided by the mainstream media: Psychoanalysing NATO: Gaslighting.

National Politics

The following article I like because it posits a cyclical characteristic of governance: Why We’re at the Beginning of a Global Authoritarian Super Cycle.

The US

We are seeing the Democratic party move farther and farther to the left: Dianne Feinstein Loses California Democratic Party Endorsement To Upstart Progressive. This deepens the polarization in American society.

If you want to protect your portfolio against losses due to a market correction in time of war, here are the recommended stocks: America’s ‘Gift’ To The World: Visualizing 70 Years Of US Arms Exports. Nice info-graphic.

Global Threats


Our friend Paul Merkley sent us a new essay: “THEY BURNT OUR TREES. Let’s Plant Even More.”.

Socialism and the Left

Economic Issues

Sovereign Debt and the Credit Crisis

Here’s the problem:

Also, here is a link to John Mauldin’s latest essay on how to survive the credit collapse: How to Dodge the Debt Train.


Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

Martin Armstrong has it: You cannot Change the Mind of those Who Believe in Global Warming because it is their Religion. When a person cannot defend their position with accepted data then they are speaking from belief. As we know, when a person’s beliefs are questioned it is taken as an attack that can only be countered by vitriol and the mindless chanting of doctrine. Facts are notably absent. Appeal to a higher authority is not fact. Observation and data are the facts. When you encounter these people – and they are passionately active across the spectrum of social progressive issues, being the large part of their religion, don’t waste your time trying to change their minds.

Mike Shedlock has a good article on the topic, examining some of the lies and distortions being employed to advance the agenda: Global Warming Hysteria: Record Heat, Vanishing Sunspots, Co2, and Lawsuits.


Martin Armstrong published a short blog article in response to an insightful question from one of his subscribers: Bureaucracy & the Collapse of Empires, Nation, City-States & Corporations. The hypothesis is that all empires, nation states, city states and corporations die as a result of a natural tendency to strangle themselves with bureaucracy. It provides an interesting generalization from which might be extracted an underlying behavioral dynamic that is useful in understanding a cyclical process of the birth and death of cities – and other organizations.

End Notes

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