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Trade War

Richard Duncan wrote The Dollar Crisis revised in 2003. I reread it in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis and it read as if it had just been written, it so closely followed the crisis. No other book have I read twice, and no other economist do I have greater respect for. Here’s a rare piece from him: Podcast: Deconstructing Trump’s tariffs, turning point in history and the end of globalisation. If Trump’s trade war is not scaled back then expect this to come to pass.

To show how tariffs bring American jobs home, consider this: Harley-Davidson Begins Kansas City Plant Shutdown As Production Shifts To Thailand.

Sanctions and Blockades

I have argued in the past why China cannot “dump” American Treasury assets. Russia is said to have dumped its US Treasury holdings in April and May for which the latest TIC data reveals that Russia’s remaining position is so small that they no longer appear in the monthly data listings.

I would comment first that Russia’s pre-dump holdings were a tenth  roughly of China’s. Despite this, one source noted that the Russian “dump” had increased yields slightly which was part of my argument (sorry but I can’t find the reference).

One of the further protections Russia can take to avoid US sanctions is noted in: Russia Explains Why It Liquidated Its US Treasurys. There was the possibility that the US which knows the specific Treasury instruments that Russia held, could freeze them, preventing Russia from accessing their capital value. Russia has removed this possibility by selling them and replacing their value directly or indirectly with gold which is recognized as a monetary asset by all central banks (except Canad which sold all its gold when the price was low).

Political Subversion and Regime Change (CIA)

Here’s the third part of the series I started posting earlier: A Brief History Of US Covert Action In Syria – Part 3.

The American Empire (AE)

Charles Hugh-Smith is a highly informed writer whose work I reference from time to time. The following essay speaks to one of my more discussed themes, the AE: The Imperial Naivete of the American Public. Reading it sparked something that puzzles me as a Canadian: why do we so virulently hate Trump? He’s not our president and very little of what he does touches Canada or Canadians. In short what we think of Trump is largely none of our business.

I came across a writer that I had not known before, Jerry Kroth, who discusses the nature of the American Empire:


One of my favourite charities supported on my behalf by Justin Trudeau has come up with a new way to spend my money: After A Week Online, NATO’s Latest ‘Counter-Disinfo’ Facebook Game Is A Complete Flop. As for the rationale for NATO’s continued existence: NATO Is A Goldmine For US Weapons’ Industries.

Here’s another article that summarizes the history of NATO and its growth and exposes the asymmetrical approach to NATO/Russian relations by the West: NATO: Time To Re-Examine An Alliance.

National Politics

The US

Here is a rational assessment by James Howard Kunstler of the Russian meddling that will occur in the US mid-term election: Kunstler: Is The Deep State Ready To Start A World War Just To Oust Trump?. In short, in states where Democrats win, there will be no meddling. In Republican states it will be widespread. The intelligence community will provide the evidence through spoofing and the MSM will go hyperbolic. I have referenced this idea before that a little rational thought will guide one through the fake news.


Idiocy on the bench: Eskimo Yells “I Hate White People” While Punching White Woman; Judge Rules Not A Hate Crime.

Economic Issues

We have a new high tech feudalism emerging: “I Go Days Without Eating”: Some Amazon Workers Left Homeless After Workplace Injuries.


In past posts I have referenced a number of cycles that are components of climate change. Included was the Milankovitch  cycle which Martin Armstrong refers to here: Australian Drought Getting Really Bad & the Tilt of the Earth. Because the components of the Milankovitch  cycle span tens of thousands of years, they have no major short term impact. The climate change right now is being driven by the solar cycle with its effects on solar irradiance and activity in the sun’s magnetosphere which is coupled to the earth’s magnetosphere. CO2, if it has any impact , is largely irrelevant.

The earth’s biosphere as I have mentioned, is a complex adaptive system. The adaptive aspect means that when one component becomes extreme, other components change to dampen the extreme effect and keep the biosphere in a chaotic equilibrium range. Proof of this is that you are here reading this right now. The earth’s climate has been through periods of much higher temperature and much higher CO2 levels but has self-adjusted.

It’s largely fake news: ‘Fake News’ Photographer Admits: “We Lost Control Of The Narrative”.

Personal Development

Here’s a video about 8 things that lower your testosterone: Low Testosterone | 8 Things You Had NO IDEA Were Keeping Yours Down. These are:

  1. Deodorants (phthalates):
  2. sunscreen;
  3. mint;
  4. vegetable oils other than coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil;
  5. cannabis;
  6. factory meat – maybe;
  7. flax seed; and
  8. licorice.

Bits and Pieces

This interview with Bill Binney, the NSA whistle blower, I found captivating and listened through the full hour:

The scope of NSA data collection – everything in the realm of communication both analogue and digital – is astounding. They monitor everything. globally.  It amazes me that they have sufficient data storage, but they do.

Here’s your introduction to queer theory: Course disputes idea that heterosexual sex is ‘natural’.

It is known by a few people, that behind the Deep State are the real players – the ducks. At first these people who claimed that ducks were waiting to inherit the earth, were called conspiracy theorists. The ducks, realizing that conspiracy theories have become mainstream, and not wishing to attract attention before they can make their move, had these people labeled with a mental condition: Anatidaephobia. So if you have been diagnosed with this condition, the best way to counteract the surveillance is to pretend to love ducks. A couple of rubber duckies in the tub when you bathe may be enough to persuade the duck watching you from wherever it is, to turn its attention to someone else.

I employed this strategy to distract the duck watching me. As a further act of misdirection, I went out late at night and hung a rubber duckie by the neck from a tree in the yard of my neighbour who insists on cutting his grass after 9:00 at night. He doesn’t venture outside to cut his grass anymore and his blinds are now always drawn although I see him peeking out from time to time.

Here’s a short piece that may cause you to slap your forehead in unbelief: The German Government Pays for 3 Week Vacation for Refugees to Go Home.

End Notes

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