Bits and Pieces – 20180806, Monday


In Bits and Pieces – 20180726, Thursday, I posted a link to commentary by Martin Armstrong, on a documentary on the Magnitsky Act and a link to the documentary. I hope you saw it because the video has been taken down. As Martin notes today in Why Has the Magnitsky Film Been Banned in USA & Europe? that the Magnitsky Act Behind the Scenes has been pulled from everywhere.

I did find a copy online so once again, here is the original film:

There is another film referenced by Martin today on the same subject: The 3rd Film on the Magnitsky Affair. Here is that film:

That the Magnitsky Act was sponsored by the likes of John McCain and Lindsay Graham, major neocons, says a lot. That the documentary is being virulently suppressed also says a lot. In fact it probably strikes at the heart of the current Deep State intrigue in the US.

And one more piece on Bill Browder: The Curious Case Of Bill Browder.


We like meddling too: Saudi Arabia Suspends Diplomatic, Trade Ties With Canada Over “Blatant Interference”.


The Carr fire in California presents a stunning image when you consider its scale:

End Notes

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