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To begin, here is the prescribed use of the term “conspiracy theory” as practiced by the CIA:

Since the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly effective in defining certain events as off limits to inquiry or debate. Especially in the United States, raising legitimate questions about dubious official narratives destined to inform public opinion (and thereby public policy) is a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs…  against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question. From CIA Document 1035-960 . Source:Weaponizing the Term “Conspiracy Theory”: Disinformation Agents and the CIA.

Here is another comment on this CIA document from The Mind Renewed (CIA 1035-960: “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report”):

Although the use of the term “conspiracy theory” (in the pejorative sense) may be traced back to the US historian Richard Hofstadter (so suggests James F. Tracy*), its ubiquitous presence in the media and upon the lips of those who uncritically internalise its propaganda, may be credited to the CIA of the late 1960s. Concerned to quell the growing public (and international) scepticism towards the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA issued a directive to its assets in the media entitled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report”, in which guidance was given on how best to discredit and undermine the arguments of “conspiracy theorists”  who presumed to question the findings. Ever since, the term has served as a psychological weapon to be wielded against anyone who suspects government of secret wrongdoing, and continues to function as a powerful thought-stopper in the collective consciousness an instance of Orwellian “crimestop”.

Also read: “Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term: Subtle and Deceptive Tactics to Discredit Truth in Media and Research.

A great number of conspiracy theories are marginal and require a suspension of credulity and known and accepted fact or evidence. Others may be classified as conspiracy to suspend examination and rational consideration of known information and fact by inquirers.

There is a broad narrative or theme in the alternative media that I have been following for months and , in some particulate aspects, for years. I have never reported on it in whole because it is prone to dismissal as “conspiracy theory”. In the Bill Bimmey interview posted in Bits and Pieces – 20180804, Saturday, the background of the modern Deep State in the US was outlined. And the Deep State is at the heart of the current narrative.

The narrative traces the roots of corruption of the Bush and Clinton dynasties back to their early days. I can remember the “conspiracy theories” about the Clintons in Arkansas, including Whitewater, insider trading and mysterious deaths. The broader narrative is that they, along with Obama, were in the process of dismantling the Republic to be replaced by an autocracy run by a cabal of autocrats and oligarchs supported by a co opted intelligence community and known as the Deep State.

Trump derailed the plan that would have been completed under Hillary as president. As a result, they launched a soft coup to remove Trump from office, something that I have followed and reportd on in the past.

A voice emerged on the internet some months ago known as QAnon or simply Q. It provided cryptic hints of things going on behind the curtail. While I don’t follow Q directly, I do tune in to what some of his interpreters are saying about his posts. I had chosen not to discuss Q or his posts on this site, simply because they are easily dismissed as both conspiracy theory and non-sense. That is until a few days ago when there was a widespread coordinated attack on Q and his followers by the MSM.

That the MSM has a clear anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias has been clear, long before a recent Harvard study measured it.

That the MSM lines up behind what interests behind the curtain want the public to think (who owns the MSM?) is something I simply accept. That they had largely ignored Q until this point was unsurprising.

Their coordinated attack, however, suggests to me that the Q phenomenon is accurate, has become too close to home and, and the narrative is real. If the Q interpreters are correct, things are about to break out into the open.Brennan may be the first target.

Part of the narrative is that the corruption behind the curtain (we have certainly seen many visible aspects of it) is so extensive, it has taken this long to investigate and document it so that prosecution will be rock solid.

Should the exposure of the Deep State come to pass in the near future and should the narrative prove founded in fact, Trump will have to be reassessed as simply brilliant. An interesting scenario to consider is that a countervailing force to the Deep State began to emerge, likely centered around the military; that Trump was carefully chosen to run; that he came into office with a lot of knowledge of what has been going on; and that investigations may had already begun to document the corruption by preserving communications.

Finally, here’s a long but broad interview that covers the major points of the narrativwe;

Trade War

Trump has created a crisis in Turkey with his tariffs and other economic measures. Here are notes from today, 20180810:

  1. Turkey Could Create A Larger Crisis Than Greece;
  2. Turkey’s Agony Explodes As Trump Doubles Steel, Aluminum Tariffs;
  3. Turkey Meltdown: Lira Implodes As Panicked Sellers Spark Global Contagion;
  4. “It’s a F**king Bloodbath” – Emerging Markets Collapse As Turkey Tantrum Spread;
  5. Why Turkey Is Doomed In Two Charts;
  6. “This Crisis Is Created By America”: Turks Blame Trump For Economic Collapse

Certainly Turkey has been in crisis for some time before Trump. Erdogan does not seem to be the type that would go quietly into the good night of American Empire so I expect the crisis to deepen. The issue is contagion and can it precipitate a major crisis in Europe? August is proving to be anything but quiet.

Turkey may be the greatest threat to the EU financial system since Greece a few years ago. A default on its debt could bring down a number of European banks which might be the wind that’s needed to bring down the $240 trillion debt house of cards .

Sanctions and Blockades

This horse left the barn years ago:
Russian PM: “New US Sanctions Would Be Declaration Of Economic War”.

Technological Warfare

Political Subversion and Regime Change (CIA)

The CIA-backed transformation of the Ukraine to date: This Is the Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated Ukraine.


Let’s stir the pot in the Balkans. That should make Putin lose some sleep: NATO to Set Up Its First Air Base in Western Balkans.

The US

Supporting the double standard: 5 Times The US Clearly Meddled In Foreign Elections Since 2005. The author missed the most widely documented case, the interference in the US 2016 presidential election by the Democratic National Committee and Democrats at both the state and national levels. Just ask Bernie.


Keeping you up to date on Canada’s virtue war with Saudi Arabia: As Diplomatic Feud Deteriorates, Saudis Stop Buying Canadian Wheat, Barley. The CBC will probably do this since it fits within their political correctness portfolio of memes,  although not necessarily in an unbiased fashion.

The Clown Prince has really done it this time: “What They Did Was Unacceptable”: Saudis To Dump Canadian Assets “No Matter The Cost”. I consider Saudi Arabia (SA) as one of the most dangerous states on the planet, primarily because it is home to Wahhabi Islam (Saudi government funding private Islamic schools in Canada, documents show) whose goal is the establishment of a global caliphate which requires the suppression of all other culture. However, its internal affairs are none of our business unless we view SA  as an an existential threat to Canadian culture. In such a case we may wish to intervene internally in response to SA internal intervention in Canada by promoting Wahhabiism here. To intervene in SA affairs on the pretext of “human rights” or some progressive agenda is none of our business as we are not threatened on this dimension.

It is a peculiarly Canadian arrogance to involve ourselves in the business of others, something probably based on the need to overcome an insecurity in the belief that we are “right”. But if we want to challenge Saudi Arabia, why don’t we do it on the basis of their Yemeni genocide: Saudi Coalition Attacks School Bus A Day After State Department Justifies Airstrikes On Yemeni Towns.

Signs of Societal Collapse

I have been seeing increasing signs of the collapse of our Western democratic societies. Some are political – the destruction of our democratic institutions by movements such as socialism which also destroys the family and the moral compass of those it supports. I’m thinking of collecting these for a while.

Later, one might distill the information into the number of useful dimensions needed to measure the collapse.

This post’s examples:

  1. Cocaine Deaths In Britain Reach All-Time High.
  2. Americans Are Begging the Government and Corporations to End Free Speech. The recent trouble a host of conservative individuals and organizations on the right have experienced in the form of censorship by social media firms seems part of this. The premier example is Alex Jones of Infowars who was deleted from all social media and all tech-controlled platforms such as the iTunes store. in a rapid clearly collusional act. His website traffic has skyrocketed so this appears to have backfired on the social media cabal.
  3. Martin Armstrong regularly writes of examples of governments going to extreme measures to collect money to fund their socialist programs: Australian Government Has Simply Lost Its Mind & Violates International Law.
  4. Where education is heading: Professors allow students to pick their own grade. As an employer, I would not consider a single applicant fron such a school since theri academic accomplishment would be meaningless. Also, a new but essential area of social theory: College offer courses on ‘queering’ children, the Bible.
  5. From the August Trends Journal: The “Shop Until You Drop” boomers not only settled into McMansions to indulge in the comforts of modern life, they seeded the path of rapidly deteriorating ethical values that would help foster Wall Street greed, the utter absence of anti-war movements, declining liberties, media and political polarization and far lower aesthetic standards.
  6. It may be a result of modern media prominence but I think part of the decline of religion in our society is captured by: Over 300 Catholic Pedos Preyed Upon 1,000+ Children Amid “Systematic” Coverup: Report. As someone observed, this is only one state.
  7. In the US, the militarization of the police was a topic under discussion. It continues: xFrom Boston To Ferguson To Charlottesville: The Evolution Of A Police State Lockdown. A country  – and world – headed down this path is a country in decline, particularly in terms of individual freedom. One can include under policing, the high degree of incarceration in the US.

End Notes

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