Honey Do List

This is a list of problems and modifications we want to make to the site but lack the know-how currently:

  1. Modify the header section by removing the white edge-to-edge panel, learning how to add and delete widgets.
  2. Want to change the background colour of the sidebars.
  3. Investigate a registration procedure.
  4. Investigate delegation of posting.
  5. Make the fine print black not grey (CSS access and how?)
  6. Site promotion.
  7. The Home link is broken.
  8. Want to click to make images larger.

This is a list of content to be be explored:

  1. Contact information and email address generation.

Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2 Responses to Honey Do List

  1. Rangle says:

    Thank you so much for this artlice, it saved me time!

  2. Coralee says:

    Your articles are for when it absolutely, postiively, needs to be understood overnight.

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