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In no particular order and with no ranking of importance as we see it: Global seismic and geothermal activity. Are the events linked and if so will activity increase? Japanese monetary policy. Will Abenomics finally implode and take the Japanese bond market with it? The US presidential race. What happens with and around Trump may Continue reading »

Bits and Pieces – 20161113, Sunday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: As one would expect, Trump is moving ahead on building his team and reaffirming some election promises which will become policy. And the liberal left are continuing what might be viewed as an insurrection.

Trump team: We also have some early key appointments: Reince Priebus Confirmed As Trump’s Chief Of Staff; Bannon Becomes Chief Strategist. This lady should be rewarded: Trump Post-Election.

Trump policy: Judith Curry has published material on what the Trump administration might do in the areas of climate and energy: Trumping the climate. Renewed focus on election promises: “They’re Going To Be Gone” – Donald Trump Vows To Deport Millions Of ‘Criminal’ Undocumented Illegal Immigrants.

Electoral Fraud: Martin Armstrong has written a piece on the DNC and Hillary’s rigging of the election which I has heard once before and ignored as an outlier: The Real Clinton Conspiracy that Backfired – The Worst Candiate in American History.

Civil Unrest: Continuing: Anti-Trump Protests: Proof Of Professional Activist Involvement, and Michael Moore Loses It: Tells Trump “You Lost, Step Aside”, Urges Tom Hanks To Run For Dems In 2020. These people are not going to change and are not going away. I expect that there will be a virtual underground focused on bringing down the Trump presidency. In my forecast that trump will be assassinate, this is one of the key groups out of which an action may come. The other is the Deep State or shadow government. As for the protests: Anti-Trump Protest Day 5 Looms: Denial, Double Standards, & ‘Dump Trump’ Dissonance.

Bits and Pieces – 20161112, Saturday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: The backlash against Trump’s victory I find surprising because of the violence involved. The celebrity reaction was to be expected as people like Miley Cyrus aren’t known for their deep intellect. (Please don’t move to Canada – any of you!). The MSM has been visibly delusional throughout the campaign and as such would not be expected to change but to search for some way to rationalize their losing positions.

The total absorption of the liberal intelligentsia in their own wants and ideologies, while nothing new, is surprising because it has been expressed so vehemently, extensively and openly. From conversations with a couple of anti-Trump acquaintances I came to realize that these people are completely of a closed mind, governed by the belief that they are open-minded and in no need of examining their positions.

In short, the polarization exposed by the election will not be reduced in Trump’s time. Indeed, activists and organizers on the left, including the Clintons, will work to deepen it.

Bits and Pieces – 20161111, Friday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: While the MSM remain in denial (see below) and celebrities are melting with the snowflakes and threatening to move to Canada – if they do I’m moving to the US –  I’m looking at that progressive side of society that is actively protesting Trump’s election.  This is civil unrest that may go underground for a while but is not going away. As the MSM talking heads and their stable of experts are demonstrating, they just don’t get why things didn’t go their way and aren’t going to stand for it. This I think will be the main issue for Trump’s presidency.

So I am pondering the divisions that emerged in this election. It was recognized by the prescient that the real issue was the divide between the large segment of society that has been left behind economically and the elite who have profited handsomely from the monetary policy of their central bank and a government bought by the lobbyists of corporate America. Alongside this has been the progressive agenda in all its forms supported by its main representatives, the MSM, academia, and the liberal intelligentsia. Then there is the radical left that had supported Bernie Saunders, particularly the young college kids: Anti-Trump Demonstrators Take to the Streets in Several U.S. Cities.

Bits and Pieces – 20161110, Thursday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: There is a large volume of material published as post-election follow-up. Here is a tweet by a tweeter with the handle :

“the sad thing is that the media is going to to ask the same people that got everything completely wrong what they think happens now”.

Add to that my own “and ask the same people to explain why they got it wrong”. I’m seeing it on the Canadian MSM networks, especially the CBC which I had to turn off to forestall vomiting. Also this one: “never in history have so many financial media pundits got so much wrong in such a short amount of time”. In other words, the MSM largely doesn’t understand what happened. As an example, the excuse that Hillary lost because she was a woman only helps the progressive movement to continue to delude itself. Of course Hillary’s “glass ceiling” activist feminist rant in her ‘concession’ speech didn’t help.

The Liberal elite have shown an amazing contempt for middle class, blue collar, and rural Americans (it’s the same in Canada) as Glenn Greenwald points out in: Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit.

We are retiring some topics and adding a couple of new ones on the Trump administration that we expect to garner attention for some time.

Bits and Pieces – 20161109, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We may be able to retire some topics today or soon. I have placed the doomsday clock on hold. NATO remains a problem but Trump may defuse that – unless Obama does something desperate and we noted yesterday that that was unlikely unless he feels he needs to demonstrate that he can still command and is still in charge as Commander-in-Chief.

Putin’s reaction is positive: Putin Congratulates Trump, Says Russia Is Ready To Restore Relations With The US. The next move will be Trump’s.

Let’s start with trump’s victory speech at the 7:31:40 mark:

He has a good vision but the country is broke so he will have a tough road to travel. How he might achieve this and the impact on the dollar is briefly alluded to here: Gold Spikes Over $60 Before Pulling Back After Trump Upset Shocks The World! But Here Is The Real Shocker….

Bits and Pieces – 20161108, Tuesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: News-wise it’s quiet prior to election results. We are preparing to make a bold prediction tomorrow as to whom shall be the next US president. The topic today with the most articles we found concerns MSM bias. The wide-spread reporting of numerous cases of bias has probably permanently damaged their position in the eyes of many. Whether it has any effect on their bottom line will be something to watch for over the next quarter when earnings are reported.

Bits and Pieces – 20161107, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We think we can create an earliest scenario for the hot or kinetic phase of WWIII. Obama’s last day as president is Jan. 20,2017. Between now and then, everything he does will be based on how it affects his legacy. Starting WWIII is not a good legacy If a group within the military or intelligence community want to start earlier, they will have to stage a significant false flag event. The election has been prepped for this but we don’t think whatever is the outcome will provide sufficient justification, particularly in light of widespread pre-election scrutiny.

We think that if Trump is elected, he will at least try and talk with Putin and possibly deescalate the standoff in Eastern Europe between the AE and NATO and Russia. Hillary (can’t we just drone the guy) Clinton on the other hand is a much more hard-lined in favour of armed conflict (Hillary Clinton supported all of America’s imperial wars: Writer) and in opposing Russia. Under Clinton we see a very real chance of a kinetic war with Russia, especially given the continued buildup of NATO forces on Russia’s borders, something the US would never tolerate (remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?).

We think, however, that Hillary will need at least a couple of months in office to to staff key positions, restructure any institutions necessary, purge any military officers and intelligence officials left that Obama has not already purged (an out-of-date list is: List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama, Compiled By General Paul Vallely, 3-17-14.) and prepare the American public for war. So late spring at the earliest.

Traditionally, the Federal Reserve does everything in its power to not rock the boat leading into an election. Consequently, markets are in an artificial state. Expect to see some major market swings as markets adjust and the Fed begins to make truthful (as much as it ever can) assessments of the economy. The key thing to watch going forward is whether they will raise the Fed Funds Rate 25 basis points as they have been trying to do for months. The global economy is slowing and many US economic indicators are pointing downwards. If they don’t, in their desperation make the rate increase in Dec. it is difficult to see when they will be able to. Keep in mind that raising rates has been their traditional way of cooling an overheated economy which is not the case now. In other words they stand the risk of inducing a recession more quickly than the business cycle would do.

Otherwise there’s not much news to report.

Bits and Pieces – 20161106, Sunday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: Today we find new items for a number of the topics we are following but nothing stands out as exceptional. We have added two topics, climate and the American Empire which we have strong interests in. Corruption surrounding the Clintons and their foundation continue to dominate the news. Enjoy the reading.

Bits and Pieces – 20161105, Saturday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: Today we argue that World War III has already begun. It began when the US organized an economic attack on Russia in 2014 by imposing economic sanctions, freezing accounts, locking Russia out of the SWIFT payment system and other measures designed to cripple the Russian economy. A parallel action by the US was the embargo on oil exports to Japan in 1940 (Events leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor) that was the primary cause of WWII.

The next stage of WWIII began with the US accusing Russia of hacking various government and Democrat websites. The accusations remain unsupported and we have the recent assertion from Julian Assange that the hacked emails that Wikileaks is releasing did not come from Russian sources (Julian Assange Ends The Suspense: “The Source Of Hacked Emails Is Not Russia”). There is as much speculation that is as valid as the administration assertion, that the attacks came from within the US by members of the establishment that see Hillary as a looming disaster. The parallel for blaming Russia for these hacks and ongoing charges of interfering in the coming election is the strategy the administration used to start the Iraq war in 2003. Colin Powell went before the United Nations and declared that the US had proof that Saddam Husein had weapons of mass destruction (without providing proof, read: Colin Powell’s Infamous U.N. Speech, 10 Years Later: Deceiving Public, Ignoring Whistleblowers Led to War) when in fact they didn’t and the administration new this.

Bits and Pieces – 20161104, Friday

What We’re Reading Today

I have been formulating a series of articles that would argue: (i) that NATO is a surrogate military force of the American Empire and is the aggressor in the world, not Russia; (ii) that WWIII will involve Russia, will necessarily be nuclear and be over in hours; and (iii) that if Canada stays in NATO and is part of an attack on Russia, Ottawa and Toronto will be taken out and this in turn will cause the collapse of our society. (i) is easy to argue if one goes back to the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact Alliance and documents the moves made by NATO since then. (ii) is easy to argue from the viewpoint of geopolitics, geography and military strategy. (iii) is easy to argue conditional on the premise that Russia would even bother with Canada. It has nukes to spare but may not have time to deploy them. In the very least, a nuclear strike on the US whether a first strike or a response to an American first strike will destroy the

Currently I am researching the case of what happens if the grid goes down for an extended period. Interestingly their is a critical path in the scenario, the supply chain for fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the time for this research is extensive because the ramifications touch every aspect of our life and have mutually interactive complications. These latter aspects I believe are minimized or missed entirely in emergency preparedness plans. It will be some time before I get anything written, but the following article captures critical aspects of what I have been thinking. I am sending it as the only link today because all the other stuff – and there’s lots of new stuff that wasn’t out yesterday – is secondary to this article: This Is No “New Cold War”; It’s Far Worse Than That.

If you’ve digested that article, this one feeds into it although I would argue the scenario for war it presents in terms of sequence of events has problems: “Something Big Is Underway On All Fronts”.

There is one thing you can do in this. Argue as strongly as possible that Canada should withdraw from NATO, the latter having long outlived its initial purpose, and become a neutral state such as Switzerland.

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