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Bits and Pieces – 20170211, Saturday

Commentary: I had a discussion today with my friend Paul Merkley, continuing the theme of anarchism that he explores in his most recent essay, published here yesterday and linked below.

I have recently considered the trite allegory of the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is used by linear deterministic thinkers to argue that a specific act is “the last straw”, the causal factor of some ensuing major event. It entirely misses the point that in natural systems, it is the state of the system and not the singular act that is important.

In some states of a forest I can drop a lighted match and nothing happens other than that the match burns itself out. When the forest is in another state, however, that match causes a forest fire. It is interesting to know that the frequency of forest fires of a particular size follows a mathematical relationship known as a power law. All natural systems follow their own power laws. Anarchy, the expression of a segment of our society – a natural system – would be expected to obey its own power law.

It is the buildup of fuel on the forest floor that determines the size and severity of a forest fire. We have been witnessing a buildup of violent, intolerant dissent coming from the progressive left of our society. The frequency of mini-fires of this nature: French Protesters Set Car On Fire During Ongoing Anti-Police Protests: Live Feed, seems to be increasing. Unlike small forest fires that reduce the overall fuel load in a forest and reduce the likelihood of a major blaze, these protests and expressions of anarchy actually may be increasing the underlying rebelliousness, increasing the likelihood of a major conflict.

We can’t know when or even how it will occur but the risk is increasing and one might begin to think of preparation to survive a major event.


We present the latest essay from Paul Merkley. Paul looks art the uptick in anarchy in the world and how it has infected the progressive element of our society. This new essay reprinted by permission of Paul and from The Bayview Review. See the links at the end for direct access to the rest of Paul’s work that we have published.

Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

–          David Horowitz.


The Seduction of Anarchy.

According to our Scriptures, it was on Day One of Human History that the idea occurred to our first parents that our Creator was cheating us.  To be well and truly human, Adam and Eve concluded, they had to out-fox the Creator—and escape His law (Genesis 3:1-5.)  Seen in this light, anarchism  (life without government)  is a deeply-ingrained disposition, basic human issue.

In the Late Nineteenth Century when intellectuals reared philosophic system upon every  matter of interest, young men gathered at the feet of deep thinkers who proposed ways of proceeding towards a world without government.  The game plan was to cause all governments to fall by creating a situation in which every sane person would realize that he risks death for himself and all he holds dear if he holds public office. The pursuit of this noble goal caused aficionados of the anarchist philosophers to make themselves over from scholars into assassins.

We have an exact replication of this procedure today in the practice of  “Islamists” everywhere in the world who become convinced that  the Qur’an  really means what it says, and that the best way to pave Allah’s way to triumph among us is by striking terror in all of our hearts.

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