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Bits and Pieces – 20180107, Sunday

Commentary: I generally avoid “the best … of 2017” of which there are a plethora. I also am careful about “what will happen in 2017”. After all, articles of this type are simply based on someone’s opinion. Here, however, are a couple you may not have seen:

Bits and Pieces – 20161107, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We think we can create an earliest scenario for the hot or kinetic phase of WWIII. Obama’s last day as president is Jan. 20,2017. Between now and then, everything he does will be based on how it affects his legacy. Starting WWIII is not a good legacy If a group within the military or intelligence community want to start earlier, they will have to stage a significant false flag event. The election has been prepped for this but we don’t think whatever is the outcome will provide sufficient justification, particularly in light of widespread pre-election scrutiny.

We think that if Trump is elected, he will at least try and talk with Putin and possibly deescalate the standoff in Eastern Europe between the AE and NATO and Russia. Hillary (can’t we just drone the guy) Clinton on the other hand is a much more hard-lined in favour of armed conflict (Hillary Clinton supported all of America’s imperial wars: Writer) and in opposing Russia. Under Clinton we see a very real chance of a kinetic war with Russia, especially given the continued buildup of NATO forces on Russia’s borders, something the US would never tolerate (remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?).

We think, however, that Hillary will need at least a couple of months in office to to staff key positions, restructure any institutions necessary, purge any military officers and intelligence officials left that Obama has not already purged (an out-of-date list is: List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama, Compiled By General Paul Vallely, 3-17-14.) and prepare the American public for war. So late spring at the earliest.

Traditionally, the Federal Reserve does everything in its power to not rock the boat leading into an election. Consequently, markets are in an artificial state. Expect to see some major market swings as markets adjust and the Fed begins to make truthful (as much as it ever can) assessments of the economy. The key thing to watch going forward is whether they will raise the Fed Funds Rate 25 basis points as they have been trying to do for months. The global economy is slowing and many US economic indicators are pointing downwards. If they don’t, in their desperation make the rate increase in Dec. it is difficult to see when they will be able to. Keep in mind that raising rates has been their traditional way of cooling an overheated economy which is not the case now. In other words they stand the risk of inducing a recession more quickly than the business cycle would do.

Otherwise there’s not much news to report.

Bits and Pieces – 20161106, Sunday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: Today we find new items for a number of the topics we are following but nothing stands out as exceptional. We have added two topics, climate and the American Empire which we have strong interests in. Corruption surrounding the Clintons and their foundation continue to dominate the news. Enjoy the reading.

Bits and Pieces – 20161105, Saturday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: Today we argue that World War III has already begun. It began when the US organized an economic attack on Russia in 2014 by imposing economic sanctions, freezing accounts, locking Russia out of the SWIFT payment system and other measures designed to cripple the Russian economy. A parallel action by the US was the embargo on oil exports to Japan in 1940 (Events leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor) that was the primary cause of WWII.

The next stage of WWIII began with the US accusing Russia of hacking various government and Democrat websites. The accusations remain unsupported and we have the recent assertion from Julian Assange that the hacked emails that Wikileaks is releasing did not come from Russian sources (Julian Assange Ends The Suspense: “The Source Of Hacked Emails Is Not Russia”). There is as much speculation that is as valid as the administration assertion, that the attacks came from within the US by members of the establishment that see Hillary as a looming disaster. The parallel for blaming Russia for these hacks and ongoing charges of interfering in the coming election is the strategy the administration used to start the Iraq war in 2003. Colin Powell went before the United Nations and declared that the US had proof that Saddam Husein had weapons of mass destruction (without providing proof, read: Colin Powell’s Infamous U.N. Speech, 10 Years Later: Deceiving Public, Ignoring Whistleblowers Led to War) when in fact they didn’t and the administration new this.

Bits and Pieces – 20161103, Thursday

What We’re Reading Today

Clinton Corruption: Will the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation be allowed to go to conclusion: FBI Said To Move To “Likely Indictment” Of Clinton Foundation, Fox News Reports? Also consider this: Secret Recordings Fueled Mutinous FBI Investigation of Clintons Despite DOJ Orders To “Stand Down”. One might ask what Victor Pinchuk got in exchange in this pay-to-play deal: Leaked Emails Expose Clinton Foundation ‘Pay-To-Play’ With Oligarch “To Show Support For Ukraine”. Perhaps a successful coup? Hot off the wire: The FBI’s White Collar Crime Unit Is Probing The Clinton Foundation. If you can stomach any more for today consider: More Collusion With Donna Brazile Revealed As Hillary Campaign Sought Advice On Prepared Debate Answers.The amount of writing about the corruption in the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation and Hillary herself has become a tsunami.

Washington Corruption: The incestuous web of the administration – one aspect: Never Ending Conflict of Interest – Complete Collapse of the Rule of Law.

Electoral Fraud: Today’s news: Police Expand Investigation Of Democrat “Advocacy Group” In PA On Allegations Of Voter Fraud.

Civil Unrest: There is growing discussion of possible civil unrest as a result of the election, whatever the outcome. There appears to be growing unrest with inner-city black populations. Martin Armstrong’s computer model predicts rising civil unrest. One can add the growing unrest in Europe against authorities over the migrant issue. So I’ll kick off following this theme with this article: Armed Militias Prepare For Violence In Case Of “Stolen Election”

Cyber Warfare: In the emails I had posted links following the administration’s assertion that Russia was behind all the hacking events that have exposed the squalid mess in Washington. Direct from Wikileaks: Julian Assange Ends The Suspense: “The Source Of Hacked Emails Is Not Russia”. From the public perspective it is almost impossible to assess whether a cyber attack is state sponsored, sponsored by a cyber collective such as Annonymous, a false flag event engineered by one’s own government or the result of some bored teenager in his parents basement in Iowa. The US is clearly using claims to demonize Russia and Putin without supporting evidence. Colin Powell managed to use a false claim to get UN support for the American invasion of Iraq. Can the US administration put one past the American public when scrutiny is so high?

Bits and Pieces – 20161102, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Clinton Corruption: The FBI is busy with Clinton associates: 5 Separate FBI Cases Are Probing Virtually Every One Of Hillary’s Inner-Circle. Inquiring minds might ask why stop here? This story has been out for a couple of days or so but I don’t think I reported it: FBI Release FOIA On Clinton’s Pardon of Marc Rich for Money. Elsewhere I had read that the documents were heavily redacted. But in the context of this short comment from martin Armstrong, Deliberate Leaks are being Strategically Made to Stop Clinton Inc, we may be seeing the start of much more information on Clinton corruption. It is probably coming too late to influence the election but if Hillary wins, may be available for her impeachment.

Electoral Fraud: New for today: Pennsylvania Police Raid Democrat “Advocacy Group” Office Over Alleged Voter Fraud.

Main Stream Media (MSM) bias: Continuing our coverage of MSM bias towards Clinton and against Trump: New Podesta Email Reveals More Clinton Campaign Collusion With CNN. Just in: Wikileaks Exposes Collusion Between Clinton Campaign, State Department, And New York Times.

Bits and Pieces – 20161101, Tuesday

The Format

This is the inaugural post of what I intend to be a daily effort. I scan or read a large number of articles from what have come to be key blog sites for me. I have a number of pet themes and current interest topics for which I try and provide some continuity of presentation, especially using material that likely will not appear in the mainstream media (MSM). I have been doing this for some months via emails to a group of interested people. By moving to a blog format I have a much better tool for tagging articles and providing a searchable archive.

World events seem to be speeding up and at the same time, becoming more serious and dangerous. The MSM are not helpful because they simply regurgitate the propaganda that our governments put out. In fact, the propaganda becomes dangerous to the individual when it sets the stage for war. Let’s dive in.

What We’re Reading Today

Hillarity: of interest to some: Audio Released of Hillary Supporting a Predetermined Election. Not that the Democrats would try and do that in any way although the administration is on record of accusing the Russians of doing this very thing. It reminds me of Hillary’s recent statement about Edward Snowden, ignoring any issue of due process: “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

Trump: this is one heck of an endorsement. Watch the video, especially with Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man playing in the background. How elegant and appropriate: Michael Moore Endorses Trump Rather Amazingly.It touches on that wide swath of America’s middle class that has been destroyed by central bank policy and that we do not see up here. As a result we don’t understand Trump’s appeal.

Clinton Corruption: Although a well-kept secret for years, with the Wikileaks email revelations, examples of Hillary’s corrupt behavior have been coming out daily. Today’s edition: Wikileaks reveal their own People say The Clintons are Partners in Crime. Also consider: Hacked Podesta Email Reveals Clinton Foundation “Coercing” Saudi Billionaire For Millions Of Dollars and Podesta To Mills: “We Are Going To Have To Dump All Those Emails”.

Electoral Fraud: A lot has been appearing on this topic, what with dead people voting and voting machines (in Texas) switching Trump votes to Clinton, and not the least of which is the charge by the Democrats that Russians have rigged the election. But why blame the Russians when we can do it better ourselves: Wikileaks Reveals Google’s “Strategic Plan” To Help Democrats Win The Election, Track Voters. Also consider: Trump And Clinton Build Legal Armies For Possibility Of A Contested Election.

WWIII: The first article I have seen for a few days: 48% Of Russians Fear Syrian Conflict Will Lead To World War III.

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