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Bits and Pieces – 20181104, Sunday


Last night I watched this long 2-part video comparing the fall of the American Empire (AE) to the fall of the Roman Empire. It identifies 3 principle economic causes, the ongoing cost of foreign wars, public works, and social entitlement programs, leading to deficit spending. This in turn leads to the necessary debasement of the currency and punitive taxes to support the deficit. Here is the first part which will automatically link to the second part at the end:

The creator of this video has interviewed a number of extremely clued-in people – I follow them all when they are not behind a paywall.

Although the video is about the AE, it is equally applicable to Canada and the countries of Europe. We are in the late stage of decline before revolution.

Bits and Pieces – 20180226, Monday

The Deep State: Martin Armstrong nails the purpose of the Mueller investigation  – the preservation of corruption by a soft coup against Trump: Mueller Expands his Investigation Desperate to Bring Down Trump.

Flash Point: Neanderthals Sack Cyprus

Long thought to be extinct, an obscure tribe of Neanderthals, mostly from the Brussels region but reinforced by other neolithic tribes, notably the International Monetary Fund and the German Bundesbank, fresh from their looting  of Greece, combined this weekend for a raid on the state of Cyprus. From Zero Hedge we read that the news site Ekathimerini reports (emphasis ours):

Tracking The Downgrade of Europe (and Others)

When mutual and hedge fund managers want to buy fixed asset securities such as bonds, they rely on rating agencies for an assessment of default risk. This helps them to decide what a fair interest rate is on the debt to reflect the risk premium on their investment. Needless to say, if you are an institution trying to raise money, te lower the agencies’ ratings on your debt the more you will have to pay in interest.

Where the real problem comes in is if you already have a high debt load accumulated over a long period of time. You are regularly faced with old debt maturing. Since you are already treading water, you need to roll over the debt or in other words, refinance or reissue it. The problem with paying higher interest rates is not immediate, it is down the road (see: “Understanding Debt“).

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