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Bits and Pieces – 20161219, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: It is 5:40 pm and I thought Id, give you an update on the electoral college vote: Electoral College Update: Where The Vote Stands As Of 4:50 PM ET. At this point he is two votes shy of the 270 he officially needs. Hillary is way back at 160 which suggests the soft coup has fizzled out. In an act of electoral defiance, Hillary may not come out with the numbers that she went in with: More Electors Mutiny Against Hillary: Three Cast Votes For Colin Powell, One For “Faith Spotted Eagle”. Now that’s gotta hurt. She lost a vote to “Faith Spotted Eagle”. Here’s another: First “Faithless Elector” Emerges In Minnesota, Refuses To Vote For Hillary Clinton.
After all the dirty tricks and electoral fraud (recall that the Michigan recount could not go ahead because of discrepancies in one thord of Wayne County precincts that went heavily for Hillary).

I wish the Clinton’s would get it together on who cost Hillary the election (other than Hillary herself: President Obama suggests Hillary Clinton is to blame for stunning election loss.) Was it Comey: Bill Clinton: “James Comey Cost Her The Election”? Was it Huma Abedin: New scapegoat for Hillary Clinton loss: Huma Abedin? And Obama is still obsessing about the Russians Hillary Clinton blames Russian hacking for loss as Barack Obama vows response. There are othe scapegoats to choose from: Bill Clinton blames ‘angry white men’ for Hillary’s loss on Election Day. After all, white men are the only ethnic group you can trash without fear of repercussion.

And as I sign off at6:13: Donald Trump Seals Electoral College Victory, Officially Becomes 45th US President.

Bits and Pieces – 20161212, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: The Democrat strategy may be emerging. A coordination disinformation campaign to blame Russia for influencing and actively intervening (hacking) in the electoral process to discredit Hillary, for the purpose of swaying electoral college votes from Trump to Hillary. Here’s a good summary:

and this would explain: Clinton Campaign, Top Democrats Call For Intel Briefing, Commission Ahead Of Electoral College Vote. This is a true Charlie Brown moment where Lucy (the MSM and Democratic establishment) is holding the football (believe the CIA report) for Charlie (the public).

On the topic: FBI Disputes CIA’s “Fuzzy And Ambiguous” Claims That Russia Sought To Influence Presidential Election.

Climate: Trump, if inaugerated, may issue in a more balanced approach to the politics and economics of climate science: Shifting sands of the climate debate.

Bits and Pieces: One more apple cart for Trump to upset: Iran Warns Of “World War, The Destruction Of Israel”, If Trump Tears Up Nuclear Pact. When Trump won, I was greatly relieved, putting my nuclear preparedness on the back burner. Unfortunately Trump seems to have turned the back burner on low with China, but Iran would advance it to medium. If he decides to continue the recent re-engagement that Obama has created in Syria and adopt Hillary’s playbook of a no-fly zone, them it moves to high.

On another note: Trump’s Wisconsin Victory Confirmed – Gained Net 162 Votes In Statewide Recount. Way to go Jill!

Are we setting up for an executive pardon: Hillary Begs For Benghazi Lawsuit Dismissal While Plaintiffs Blast “Special Favors” For “Political Elite”? But this one’s not going so well: xPA Judge Denies Recount And Blasts Stein’s “Suspicions Of Hacking” That “Border On Irrational”.

I guess that any car left on the street overnight in Detroit will now be legally drivable: Michigan Legalizes Car Sales With No Steering Wheel or Brake Pedal.

Bits and Pieces – 20161123, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We see civil unrest as the major global theme for 2017. Certainly it will mark the American scene. Marine le Pen may win in France: Another One Bites the Dust: Sarkozy Outed in First Round of French Elections. There is an upcoming referendum in Italy which will have profound effects. In short, it will be a turbulent year in Europe with the EU and the euro at stake.

On another note, there is so much news on many fronts I’m at a lot as to what to pick. The first US recount is being called courtesy of Jill Stein but likely funded by Democratic sources or George Soros or both: Jill Stein Raises Enough Money To Force Wisconsin Recount – Michigan & Pennsylvania Up Next. Maybe Trump should call for a recount in Nevada.

Civil Unrest: Pat Buchanan talks about the rough road ahead for Trump: A Besieged Trump Presidency Ahead.

Trump team: Two new appointments: Trump Offers Ben Carson HUD Secretary Job and Trump Names Former Political Opponent As UN Ambassador, Replacing Anti-Putin Samantha Power. Either Trump is fundamentally non-partisan reaching out to opponents of all political persuasions or he is wisely following that old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. His statement that he does not intend to prosecute Hillary reversing an election promise might be an attempt along these lines to build bridges. Of course he can change his mind lager especially if new evidence or circumstances arise. It could be a tactic to forestall a blanket pardon of her actions by Obama while he’s still in the Whitehouse. It is certain that Hillary will not change her opposition to Trump.

Trump policy: Trump may be on track to label China a currency manipulator when in fact it is the US that is indirectly the global currency manipulator: China Press Lashes Out – It’s The Dollar, Not The Yuan That Threatens Global Stability and The U.S. dollar is stronger than it’s been in 13 years. That’s bad.

Main Stream Media (MSM): Angela Merkel is desperately trying to hold onto power and is closely following the US playbook with another made-in-USA strategy: Merkel Declares War On “Fake News” As Europe Brands Russia’s RT, Sputnik “Dangerous Propaganda”. This may affect any detente between the EU and Russia: EU / Russian Thaw Hits A Media Iceberg. Also, Is “Fake News” The New ‘Conspiracy Theory’?.

Bits and Pieces: A tidbit on banks: Forget Deutsche Bank, These 2 American Banks Are Now “The Most Systemically Dangerous In The World”.

Previously we had included links to articles that showed that the establishment was regrouping to fight Trump on all fronts. The first strike may be coming: Scientists Find “Persuasive Evidence” Of Vote Hacking, Demand Clinton Recount In 3 States.

Keeping up with Turkey: Major Foreign Policy Shift: Turkey Abandoning EU For SCO. And then this: Europe Votes To Suspend Turkey EU Accession Talks, Sending Lira Crashing To Record Low Despite Unexpected Rate Hike. Merkel had paid Erdogan a few billion to keep refugees out of the EU. What if Turkey gets annoyed enough to force them across the border into the EU?

There are signs that Trump is moving to heal divisions and the public is responding: Trump Victory Sends Black American Consumer Confidence Surging To 22-Month Highs. If a significant number of the non-bvoting public and the ‘vote against Trump’ public can be won over, the attempt by the establishment and the left to overturn the election becomes more dangerous and difficult for them.

Bits and Pieces – 20161116, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: None today.

Trump policy: Not directly policy but feeding into it: Donald Trump Latest Interview on Syria & Russia | CBS This Morning. Notice that the media is not combative and that Trump ends the interview on an expression of willingness to talk with the media in the future. Here’s another interview while I’m on the topic: US President Donald Trump’s Shocking interview (Must Watch). Further to my comment on Monday: Obama, Clinton, And Sanders Could Stop The Riots But They Just Watch.

Then there’s Europe. This article gives an overview of the major areas where Trump policies might affect Europe: How Trump Will Impact The European Union.

Civil Unrest: The colour purple: The Color Purple – Not the Movie but a Revolutionary Movement and The New American Communist Revolution?

Bits and Pieces – 20161109, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We may be able to retire some topics today or soon. I have placed the doomsday clock on hold. NATO remains a problem but Trump may defuse that – unless Obama does something desperate and we noted yesterday that that was unlikely unless he feels he needs to demonstrate that he can still command and is still in charge as Commander-in-Chief.

Putin’s reaction is positive: Putin Congratulates Trump, Says Russia Is Ready To Restore Relations With The US. The next move will be Trump’s.

Let’s start with trump’s victory speech at the 7:31:40 mark:

He has a good vision but the country is broke so he will have a tough road to travel. How he might achieve this and the impact on the dollar is briefly alluded to here: Gold Spikes Over $60 Before Pulling Back After Trump Upset Shocks The World! But Here Is The Real Shocker….

Bits and Pieces – 20161108, Tuesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: News-wise it’s quiet prior to election results. We are preparing to make a bold prediction tomorrow as to whom shall be the next US president. The topic today with the most articles we found concerns MSM bias. The wide-spread reporting of numerous cases of bias has probably permanently damaged their position in the eyes of many. Whether it has any effect on their bottom line will be something to watch for over the next quarter when earnings are reported.

Bits and Pieces – 20161107, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We think we can create an earliest scenario for the hot or kinetic phase of WWIII. Obama’s last day as president is Jan. 20,2017. Between now and then, everything he does will be based on how it affects his legacy. Starting WWIII is not a good legacy If a group within the military or intelligence community want to start earlier, they will have to stage a significant false flag event. The election has been prepped for this but we don’t think whatever is the outcome will provide sufficient justification, particularly in light of widespread pre-election scrutiny.

We think that if Trump is elected, he will at least try and talk with Putin and possibly deescalate the standoff in Eastern Europe between the AE and NATO and Russia. Hillary (can’t we just drone the guy) Clinton on the other hand is a much more hard-lined in favour of armed conflict (Hillary Clinton supported all of America’s imperial wars: Writer) and in opposing Russia. Under Clinton we see a very real chance of a kinetic war with Russia, especially given the continued buildup of NATO forces on Russia’s borders, something the US would never tolerate (remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?).

We think, however, that Hillary will need at least a couple of months in office to to staff key positions, restructure any institutions necessary, purge any military officers and intelligence officials left that Obama has not already purged (an out-of-date list is: List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama, Compiled By General Paul Vallely, 3-17-14.) and prepare the American public for war. So late spring at the earliest.

Traditionally, the Federal Reserve does everything in its power to not rock the boat leading into an election. Consequently, markets are in an artificial state. Expect to see some major market swings as markets adjust and the Fed begins to make truthful (as much as it ever can) assessments of the economy. The key thing to watch going forward is whether they will raise the Fed Funds Rate 25 basis points as they have been trying to do for months. The global economy is slowing and many US economic indicators are pointing downwards. If they don’t, in their desperation make the rate increase in Dec. it is difficult to see when they will be able to. Keep in mind that raising rates has been their traditional way of cooling an overheated economy which is not the case now. In other words they stand the risk of inducing a recession more quickly than the business cycle would do.

Otherwise there’s not much news to report.

Bits and Pieces – 20161106, Sunday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: Today we find new items for a number of the topics we are following but nothing stands out as exceptional. We have added two topics, climate and the American Empire which we have strong interests in. Corruption surrounding the Clintons and their foundation continue to dominate the news. Enjoy the reading.

Bits and Pieces – 20161101, Tuesday

The Format

This is the inaugural post of what I intend to be a daily effort. I scan or read a large number of articles from what have come to be key blog sites for me. I have a number of pet themes and current interest topics for which I try and provide some continuity of presentation, especially using material that likely will not appear in the mainstream media (MSM). I have been doing this for some months via emails to a group of interested people. By moving to a blog format I have a much better tool for tagging articles and providing a searchable archive.

World events seem to be speeding up and at the same time, becoming more serious and dangerous. The MSM are not helpful because they simply regurgitate the propaganda that our governments put out. In fact, the propaganda becomes dangerous to the individual when it sets the stage for war. Let’s dive in.

What We’re Reading Today

Hillarity: of interest to some: Audio Released of Hillary Supporting a Predetermined Election. Not that the Democrats would try and do that in any way although the administration is on record of accusing the Russians of doing this very thing. It reminds me of Hillary’s recent statement about Edward Snowden, ignoring any issue of due process: “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

Trump: this is one heck of an endorsement. Watch the video, especially with Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man playing in the background. How elegant and appropriate: Michael Moore Endorses Trump Rather Amazingly.It touches on that wide swath of America’s middle class that has been destroyed by central bank policy and that we do not see up here. As a result we don’t understand Trump’s appeal.

Clinton Corruption: Although a well-kept secret for years, with the Wikileaks email revelations, examples of Hillary’s corrupt behavior have been coming out daily. Today’s edition: Wikileaks reveal their own People say The Clintons are Partners in Crime. Also consider: Hacked Podesta Email Reveals Clinton Foundation “Coercing” Saudi Billionaire For Millions Of Dollars and Podesta To Mills: “We Are Going To Have To Dump All Those Emails”.

Electoral Fraud: A lot has been appearing on this topic, what with dead people voting and voting machines (in Texas) switching Trump votes to Clinton, and not the least of which is the charge by the Democrats that Russians have rigged the election. But why blame the Russians when we can do it better ourselves: Wikileaks Reveals Google’s “Strategic Plan” To Help Democrats Win The Election, Track Voters. Also consider: Trump And Clinton Build Legal Armies For Possibility Of A Contested Election.

WWIII: The first article I have seen for a few days: 48% Of Russians Fear Syrian Conflict Will Lead To World War III.

Quote of the Day: 20141026

We can’t afford to have that money go to the private sector. The money has to go to the federal government because the federal government will spend that money better than the private sector will spend it.

– Hillary Clinton in the American Spectator

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