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Bits and Pieces – 20170224, Friday

Commentary: I had come to the point of thinking that writing and presenting factual material had little value other than to myself – which is why I continue to do so. In conversations with people I had noticed that when presented with facts contrary to their position they seemed to back off but fail to change their position. Here’s support for that observation: Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds. To note: “Once formed, impressions are remarkably perseverant.” This points to our early life as the formative stage for many of our narratives about the world. It also shows the danger the school system poses when it strays beyond the 3 Rs.

The writer notes “People believe that they know way more than they actually do. What allows us to persist in this belief is other people.” This is due to the sociability nature of our species. The application of this principle to current events (Trump) is enlightening since”as a rule, strong feelings about issues do not emerge from deep understanding,” but from what we hear from friends and read in the MSM, particularly if it reinforces what we already believe we know (confirmation bias).

Bits and Pieces – 20170217, Friday

Commentary: I am still confounded by the phenomenon of Trump hatred in Canada. First of all, he is not our president, and who or what he is and what he does is really none of our business beyond what impact his policies might have on Canada. When confronted on their hatred, people shuffle their feet and mumble a few multi-syllabic words that they have learned from the CBC. I have referred to the psychic energy that they have stored up, without understanding its source. Today a piece slipped into place.  But a little sideways trip first.

Bits and Pieces – 20161112, Saturday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: The backlash against Trump’s victory I find surprising because of the violence involved. The celebrity reaction was to be expected as people like Miley Cyrus aren’t known for their deep intellect. (Please don’t move to Canada – any of you!). The MSM has been visibly delusional throughout the campaign and as such would not be expected to change but to search for some way to rationalize their losing positions.

The total absorption of the liberal intelligentsia in their own wants and ideologies, while nothing new, is surprising because it has been expressed so vehemently, extensively and openly. From conversations with a couple of anti-Trump acquaintances I came to realize that these people are completely of a closed mind, governed by the belief that they are open-minded and in no need of examining their positions.

In short, the polarization exposed by the election will not be reduced in Trump’s time. Indeed, activists and organizers on the left, including the Clintons, will work to deepen it.

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