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Bits and Pieces – 20180430, Monday


While I continue to tinker with the topic structure of these posts, I realize that the overall framework or statement of purpose is to track the major issues that will impact us individually and collectively as a society, today and in the future.

This sounds ambitious. The work, however, is more of collecting and organizing current news and writings of various authors in a coherent manner. Each post might be viewed as a two-dimension slice through daily life structured in threads (topics) that across time, introduce a third dimension. This latter view of a thread is what constitutes an essay or a book.

Much of what I include involves little or no commentary on my part. Sometimes, an issue or an item bubbles to the surface resulting in a more extensive treatment on my part. I have several issues that I simply don’t have time to explore

This issue of Bits and Pieces reflects the growing attention I am paying to the propaganda aimed at controlling us.

The Islamic State as the Purest Form of Islamism

Our friend AO drew our attention to an important article on the Islamic State (ISIL) in the Atlantic: What ISIS Really Wants. It is a long read – over an hour – but methodically analyses ISIL and presents it as a pure fundamental expression of the Islamic religion. It is represented as a Caliphate, based in its conquered territory.  Virtually all who are not believers of its expression of Islam are enemies to be either killed or enslaved.

It is important for Western intellectuals, politicians and academics to understand that this is a non-compromising religion. It is also important to understand that rather than being some psychopathy, it is the ultimate form of Islamic expression that must overpower every other form.

ISIL may eventually be eradicated but the nature of Islam is that another Caliphate will arise to take its place.

On a personal level we need to read  it again and carefully think about it since its roots are already planted in this country.

One Brit Speaks Out

Although we have not written about our thoughts on the outcome of the progressive (in all senses of the word) development of Islam in Canada the outcome we have imagined is pretty much limited to the opinion of Paul Weston expressed in the following video:


Islamism: No Caliphate Here

When Mohammed created the religion/cult of Islam, he had no opposition in terms on theological (doctrinal), ideological, military or genealogical grounds. Nightwatch posted a short news update today (NightWatch 20140629):

The Caliphate. ISIL declared the restoration of the Caliphate, an Islamic State that includes all the territories ISIL has conquered. It called on all Muslims to pledge their allegiance. ISIL leader al-Baghdadi declared himself Caliph Ibrahim.

Comment: The Caliph is supposed to be the legitimate successor to Mohammed. There are many who would claim this title. This declaration will be challenged on theological, ideological, military and genealogical grounds.

Our emphasis is the basis for our contention that no Caliphate is possible in the near future if ever. The deep internal schism in Islam between Sunnis and Shias ensures that no single leader is likely to emerge that can unify the divided house. Military conquest of one side over the other would be a necessary first step. We believe that for all the missteps the US has made in affecting the balance of power in this onging war, they will try and prevent one side from gaining ascendancy.

This does not mean that the spread of Islam is not a threat to our Western cultures and societies. It means that the threat can more easily be contained if we manifest the political will to do so. Westerners fail to understand that once a Muslim owns territory anywhere, that territory is forever part of the future Caliphate. That includes the mosque in your neighborhood and the property of your Islamic neighbour next door.


We asked our friend Paul Merkley to vet our short piece above. His valuable comments follow:

I don’t think you can say that Muhammad had no opposition, etc.. The whole thrust of his revelation is that it overturns the corrupted teaching of the Jews. It was the local Jewish community that brought to his attention the Jewish tradition —which at first he tried to co-opt by claiming that his message clearly fulfilled it, but then, having been, as Muslims recall “mocked” by the Jews, he proceeded to dismantle the Jewish teaching, keeping all of its key concepts, declaring everything from about Genesis 12 onward as fabrication. He did not intend that his teaching should be received as a free-floating new insight into everything but as the hidden truth – Islam — that had always been behind all Jewish and Christian scripture. Muslims are obliged to believe that the continuation of Judaism and Christianity amounts to a perverse defiance of Allah’s message, contained in the Qur’an. This explains the unforgiving malice of Muhammad and all his followers towards our faith and our civilization.

Otherwise, I am in full agreement with your analysis. I believe it would be madness to imagine that we have a dog in the race that is going on in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and beyond. Obama’s newly-announced policy of searching for democratic elements and assisting them is utter madness. .No one of the parties – Shia, Sunni, Kurds should be assisted by us. We must hope that the interfering outsiders – Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the other Middle East sheikhdoms – will checkmate each other – to our benefit. , Our entire policy should be to contain these demonic energies so that they waste themselves within the borders of Syria and Iraq.

Paul Merkley

Islam and Terrorism

By David A. Noebel and Peter Hammond

“Indeed it is evident that Christianity must always exert a modifying influence on men’s passions, and protect them from the more violent forms of fanatical fever.  But the Mohammedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance.  It was originally propagated by the sword…Civilization is confronted with militant Mohammedanism.”  Winston Churchill, The Story of the Malakand Field Force (1898)

“The persecution of Christians by Muslims has become a taboo subject in Western circles.  Over thirteen centuries of religious discrimination and persecutions, causing the suffering oppression, murder and enslavement of countless millions has been buried under a thick whitewash of myths of ‘Islamic tolerance.’”  Peter Hammond, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam…210

Islamism: One of the Two Great Destructive Forces of the Twenty-first Century

This post is the head of the thread on Islamism. The other great destructive force is Socialism: One of the Two Great Destructive Forces of the Twenty-first Century. Essays on Islamism are found through the links listed by topic below, in reverse chronological order of posting (most recent first) within topic. We will rely on the work of others, acting as an editor of an anthology. This is a topic we have sufficient knowledge to organize essays on the topic while lacking any depth to create much of a contribution of our own. As an inaugural essay we offer the essay Islam and Terrorism by David A. Noebel and Peter Hammond. We also refer the reader to the work of Prof. Paul Merkley whose work we publish and may be found here: Introducing Paul Merkley.

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