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Bits and Pieces – 20180930, Sunday


We tend to view modern borders as somehow sacrosanct and immutable in a legal sense. The reality is given, however, in the following animation. It should restore perspective on situations such as Crimea.

I urge you to watch this 8 minute video that explains the modern left as identity politics:

Of note are the references to Canada both explicit and implicit. A very eloquent presentation.

Bits and Pieces – 2018 – May/June


This post has been gestating for well over a month. I need to get it out. Perhaps the most important item is one I received from a friend recently. It concerns how the Clown Prince’s narcissistic ego is threatening to absolutely destroy this country’s economy:

I have been focusing on setting up gardens. I expect the food I can grow will be important to my family in the coming years. If Trudeau blows away the auto sector then we will face very quickly, economic collapse.

There is a suggestion in the video that the government is dragging their heels on NAFTA waiting to see if the Mexicans will elect a left-wing president. Trudeau is stupid enough to think that in such a case, he and the Mexicans will have strength to get the NAFTA deal he wants. The problem is Trump holds all the cards.

Tracking the Spread of Peace and Democracy by Western Powers

We have not seen any comprehensive tracking of the peace and prosperity brought to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and now the Ukraine by Western nations such as the US, Canada and NATO. This post is a placeholder for articles we come across. By country:

Flash Point: Who We’re Supporting in Syria

Canadian or American, your government supports these people: Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West. But not to worry. We can easily distinguish good rebels from bad rebels like we did in Libya: How militias took control of post-Gaddafi Libya, ensuring future peace and democracy for the Syrian people. It worked in Iraq (Iraq Body Count) and Afghanistan (Taliban peace talks: ‘Peace and reconciliation’ negotiations to take place in Qatar).

Be sure to watch the video in the New York Times article.

How Wonderfully Intelligent Is the Western Intelligentsia

The Western Intelligentsia, which includes the Mainstream Media, totally misread the ‘Arab Spring’, seeing it through their red-coloured glasses as a grassroots drive for democracy. In Egypt we now have an infant democratically elected Muslim theocracy under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. We’re not sure what the Arab Spring has lead to in Libya. We suspect the primary difference between the current regime and the Gaddafi regime is simply the lack of Gaddafi.

But this gem of insight came across our desk today from Ed Steer’s via his daily email report:

RUSSIA TO WEST: We Told You Not To Overthrow Qaddafi!

On Wednesday Russia blamed Western countries for creating the current turmoil in Africa by arming Libyan rebels, Timothy Heritage and Gabriela Baczynska of Reuters report.

“Those whom the French and Africans are fighting now in Mali are the [same] people who…our Western partners armed so that they would overthrow the Gaddafi regime,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a news conference.

The toppling of Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi led to “perhaps the greatest proliferation of weapons of war from any modern conflict,” Emergency Director of Human Rights Watch Peter Bouckaert told The Telegraph.

This very short story appeared on the businessinsider.com Internet site on Wednesday. It’s certainly worth skimming…and it, too, is courtesy of Roy Stephens. The link is here.

The idea is that by ousting the Gaddafi regime the West inadvertently armed an array of Muslim groups including Al Qaeda, leading to the destabilization of Mali and likely increasing insurgency across all of Northern Africa (witness the Algerian hostage taking).

The US, by overthrowing Saddam Husein and the Sunni ruling class in Iraq, destroyed the metastable relationship between Sunni Iraq and Shiite Iran leading to years of sectarian warfare that flourishes today, long after the US turned tail and ran – much like they are doing in Afghanistan at this time.

In short, Western intervention in Libya has directly lead to the problems in Mali.

Flash Point: The Eye of the Hurricane

The holiday season is all but over and we are left with a strange sense of quiet leading to disquiet. There appears to be nothing in the news now that the fiscal cliff deal has been reached. A discussion with friends last night reviewed what we think are a few major issues – none new – will heat up in 2013. This is a watch list not a forecast list:

Flasf Point: Why the Muslim World Hates the US

In Flash Point: Where’s the Thunder? we noted that if the Arab street did not erupt over the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s publishing of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, then the perceived blasphemy of the American video that allegedly sparked riots worldwide was in fact not the issue. Rather latent anti-Americanism was.

We suggest that one of the major causes of this anti-Americanism is the way the US operates in the Muslim world. From Yemen to Somalia to Pakistan and Afghanistan, the US is waging aggression on sovereign soil through unmanned drone attacks and special forces operations. Now we find that they are moving into Libya as reported by Stratfor: U.S. Explores Retaliatory Options in Libya. Key features of this current aggression in Libya are:

  • U.S. special operations forces are in Libya … to collect information on militant networks in the country.
  • the dispatch of a dozen or so special operations aircraft to the Mediterranean region … [including] four versions of the C-130 Hercules, namely the MC-130H, HC-130N, HC-130P and AC-130U.
  • The AC-130U gunship Stratfor notes, is not a dedicated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance asset, … [but is] there to provide fire support if necessary.
  • the United States is very likely coordinating with the Libyan government and also has deployed a number of CIA personnel in the country.

This is hardly the way to win friends when you conduct military operations in sovereign nations at will.

From Gadhafi to Benghazi

From Gadhafi to Benghazi

September 18, 2012 | 0900 GMT


By George Friedman

Last week, four American diplomats were killed when armed men attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The attackers’ apparent motivation was that someone, apparently American but with an uncertain identity, posted a video on YouTube several months ago that deliberately defamed the Prophet Mohammed. The attack in Benghazi was portrayed as retribution for the defamation, with the attackers holding all Americans equally guilty for the video, though it was likely a pretext for deeper grievances. The riots spread to other countries, including Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, although no American casualties were reported in the other riots. The unrest appears to have subsided over the weekend.

Flash Point: Libya In the Arab Summer

Remember how we (the West) went into Iraq and removed an evil dictator so freedom and democracy (Western style) could flourish? That worked well. Then we went into Afghanistan and destroyed the evil Taliban so freedom and democracy could flourish. That worked well too. Being on a roll and seeing the Middle East crying out for freedom and democracy in what we dubbed “the Arab Spring”, we cheered them on. It worked in Egypt, right, with the Muslim Brotherhood now the de facto government?

Libya took a bit of doing. We had to bomb the s**t out of them to get rid of an evil dictator but in the end it worked out well as we see their gratitude displayed in today’s news:

This just proves how deep our understanding is of other cultures, most of which we find need some assistance to become like ours. After all, it only takes a year or two of assistance from our bureaucrats and academics to erase several thousand years of native institutional thinking and sectarian and religious identity to create an entire new set of institutions which the populace will embrace with joy.

At the same time we are so thankful that we are  a democratic and free people not living under some dictator, because then, who would come to our aid?

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