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Bits and Pieces – 20170219, Sunday

The Deep State: I came across this article on Jim Quinn’s The Burning Platform blog: DHS INSIDER SAYS IT’S SPY VS SPY. The article discusses the split in the intelligence community – a major component of the Deep State – between those who support the president and those who want to overthrow him. A news item that I had barely taken note of and dismissed called “PizzaGate”, is discussed as “PedoGate”, a pedophilia resort run by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad to capture videos of high-ranking politicians having sex with minors to  use as leverage over them. The article also sheds light on the background for US Mideast policy and war, the reasons for the antagonistic approach to Russia, and relationships with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

By the way, WJC are the initials of Bill Clinton. I had previously read an article or two referencing Bill’s taking a 13-year old girl to a resort Island, an event where the Secret Service was told to stay away from.

Bits and Pieces – 20170217, Friday

Commentary: I am still confounded by the phenomenon of Trump hatred in Canada. First of all, he is not our president, and who or what he is and what he does is really none of our business beyond what impact his policies might have on Canada. When confronted on their hatred, people shuffle their feet and mumble a few multi-syllabic words that they have learned from the CBC. I have referred to the psychic energy that they have stored up, without understanding its source. Today a piece slipped into place.  But a little sideways trip first.

Bits and Pieces – 20161121, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Civil Unrest: Hillary is taking the purple revolution forward and Obama is complicit: Hillary Tells Supporters to Effectively Revolt Against Trump. Here is Martin Armstrong’s comments on a question making the rounds: Will Obama Pardon Hillary? Given Hillary’s carefully engineered teflon past and her high degree of hubris, there is no reason to expect that if pardoned, her criminal past will cease. In fact it will probably speed up. With the direction she is going inciting revolution, a future charge of treason may be in store. Finally, Martin Armstrong discusses the role of youth in revolution and armed struggle: The Rising Civil Unrest in America is Highly Dangerous for the Future. We have a generation of youth with debt that is unpayable and undischargable. If they can find jobs at all they are of marginal quality. Their plight will grow in the coming recession. This is like tinder in a dry forest.

Charles Hugh-Smith contributes a short article to the theme of social division and the rise of revolutionary fervor: The Age of Disintegration: Political Disunity and Elites At War. He embeds a YouTube video of Max Keiser who I find always entertaining and informative.

WWIII: The cold war continues: Russia Deploys Nuclear Missiles In Retaliation To NATO “Threats”. Meanwhile, we have cause for hope: Putin Confirms Trump Is Willing To Normalize Russian-American Relations.

Bits and Pieces: Obama’s refusal to identify Islamic terrorists as Islamic terrorists may be about to be overturned by Trump. George Friedman speaks on this topic: Islam and Terrorism.

And an earthquake thrown in: Powerful Earthquake Strikes Japan Off Fukushima, Tsunami Warning Issued – Live Feed.

Circling the Wagons

We have have made a conscious decision to circle the wagons. We see a high probability of

  1. a stock market correction of 30-50% if not an outright crash;
  2. a recession that will rival or surpass the 2007 recession which some argue has never ended;
  3. a world war with the US and western nations on one side and Russia and China on the other side either individually but more likely together, and Canada will do whatever the US wants in this situation;
  4. social revolution in many of the states currently in crisis including France, Spain, Italy, Eastern European countries, Latin American countries and Southeast Asia countries; North Korea will attack South Korea even if a larger Pacific conflict doesn’t erupt;
  5. there will be widespread social discord in countries that don’t experience revolution and the US in particular will use unprecedented suppression of its population, possibly ending the republic;
  6. the Sunni/Shiite divide will come to the brink of nuclear war as Iran builds the bomb and Saudi Arabia repatriates the nuclear weapons that it has paid Pakistan to develop for it;
  7. a global financial crisis of a size never seen before including multiple currency collapses and sovereign defaults;
  8. central banks and governments will be largely powerless to stop an economic collapse because they’ve spent all their ammunition already;
  9. and watch the drought in California produce massive food price inflation if the rains don’t come this year.

Some of these conditions are already underway in countries like Argentina, France, Greece, Spain, Ukraine, Venezuela, and most of the Mideast. We expect a major global event from this list to occur this year and certainly by next year. Since we are globally connected as never before, one event will trigger a cascade through others.

Of Lettuce and Lives

We have been tracking the progress of robotics in the workplace – not actively – but simply by capturing links to references as they appear in our daily reading. We took an extensive look at the outlook for jobs in July, 2012: What’s the Future for Jobs?. In that article we had a section near the end on robots in the workplace. We have continued to update the section and the latest entry comes from John Mauldin’s Forecast 2014: The Human Transformation Revolution

John has got to be one of the most widely read and highly connected individuals writing today. At one point he claimed that his Thoughts from the Frontline had a readership of over one million. It is likely more today. John is very positive about man’s future due to technological innovation. He sees us as on the edge of medical advances that will extend lives significantly and cure diseases that afflict millions today. He sees an industrial revolution through robotics and new materials with amazing properties that will revolutionize all fields of technology and industry in the years ahead.

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