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Bits and Pieces – 2018 – May/June


This post has been gestating for well over a month. I need to get it out. Perhaps the most important item is one I received from a friend recently. It concerns how the Clown Prince’s narcissistic ego is threatening to absolutely destroy this country’s economy:

I have been focusing on setting up gardens. I expect the food I can grow will be important to my family in the coming years. If Trudeau blows away the auto sector then we will face very quickly, economic collapse.

There is a suggestion in the video that the government is dragging their heels on NAFTA waiting to see if the Mexicans will elect a left-wing president. Trudeau is stupid enough to think that in such a case, he and the Mexicans will have strength to get the NAFTA deal he wants. The problem is Trump holds all the cards.

Flash Point: Neat or on the Rocks?

We’ve commented before on “coin” issues. By this we aren’t referring particularly to monetary issues but to issues that in some sense are binary – issues that have two sides. A simple example is the much discussed hypothetical sale of US Treasury debt by the Chinese. Selling is a binary event. As we have pointed out, if China sells someone else buys. The debt remains ‘owned’.

We have been aware of news that arctic sea ice is at the lowest ever recorded. Firstly we would point out that reliable data only extends back to 1979 and the beginning of satellite measurement. This is an infinitesimal span of time in climate terms. But secondly, sea ice appears to be somewhat binary as this article suggests: Antarctic Ice Area Sets Another [maximum] Record – NSIDC Is Silent. Sea ice is a complicated area of climate science that we do not wish to get into, but because reporting of climate issues is so politically motivated and one-sided, we present some evidence to keep the discussion two-sided.

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