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Bits and Pieces – 20181118, Sunday


An alert German reader kindly pointed out an error that I had made in the Climate section of my last post (now corrected). I had written:
Here is the actual discussion of the error: Nick Stokes on A major problem with the Resplandy et al. ocean heat uptake paper and here is a followup article by the same author…

In fact both articles were written by Nic Lewis. I have no idea how or why I inserted the name “Nick Stokes”.


When I mentioned to a friend that the caravan invading the US’s southern border is well-funded, well-planned and highly organized by some external organization(s) she said she hadn’t heard of such a thing.

So here’s the evidence. In a Fox News video, Tucker Carlson interviews filmmaker Ami Horowitz who embedded himself in the caravan and filmed aspects of it:

Bits and Pieces – 20171205, Monday

Commentary: While politicians, bureaucrats, the media and the general public are obsessing over the impact of anthropogenic CO2 on the climate and a segment of the climate science industry is busy trying to make models and data agree with the political agenda, other climate scientists are studying a much broader range of factors that are affecting our climate.

Is Friday November 22, 2013 Really Friday the 13th?

A Black Swan Worth Monitoring

We received the following link to a BBC article from our friend and contributor Dr. Paul Merkley: Esa’s satellite Swarm launch to map Earth’s magnetism. Within what might be a ho-hum article we found the following information (emphasis ours):

The strength [of the Earth’s field] has fallen by some 15% in the past two centuries. The movement of the north geomagnetic pole has also accelerated.

Researchers have speculated that Earth may be on the cusp of a polarity reversal, which would see the direction of the field flip end to end. North would become south, and vice versa.

This has not happened for 780,000 years, but the phenomenon has nonetheless been a regular occurrence through geological time.

The mission’s lead proposer, Prof Eigil Friis-Christensen, said:

You could say we’re overdue, …

We talk about the weakening of the global field but in some local areas, such as in the South Atlantic, the field has gone down 10% in just the last 20 years. But we do not know whether we will go into a reversal or whether the global field will recover …

No timeline was suggested and the speed with which a reversal could occur is unknown. So be a good Boy Scout – Be Prepared – just don’t ask us how.

Flash Point: A Note on Tornadoes

We have analyzed several of the myths about so-called ‘global warming’ and now ‘climate change’. One in particular was Flash Point: Hurricanes and Hyperbole. When the topic of tornadoes came up briefly in a recent conversation we thought we might see what the data had to say. Somewhat to our surprise, a cursory search revealed a much more extensive body of information. The site that we would have explored, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) operated by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is partially unavailable due tot the US government shutdown..

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