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Bits and Pieces – 20170126, Thursday

Commentary: The next time someone you know complains that Hillary won the popular vote and should be president, show them this map (red is a Republican majority and blue is Democrat):

Bits and Pieces – 20161212, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: The Democrat strategy may be emerging. A coordination disinformation campaign to blame Russia for influencing and actively intervening (hacking) in the electoral process to discredit Hillary, for the purpose of swaying electoral college votes from Trump to Hillary. Here’s a good summary:

and this would explain: Clinton Campaign, Top Democrats Call For Intel Briefing, Commission Ahead Of Electoral College Vote. This is a true Charlie Brown moment where Lucy (the MSM and Democratic establishment) is holding the football (believe the CIA report) for Charlie (the public).

On the topic: FBI Disputes CIA’s “Fuzzy And Ambiguous” Claims That Russia Sought To Influence Presidential Election.

Climate: Trump, if inaugerated, may issue in a more balanced approach to the politics and economics of climate science: Shifting sands of the climate debate.

Bits and Pieces: One more apple cart for Trump to upset: Iran Warns Of “World War, The Destruction Of Israel”, If Trump Tears Up Nuclear Pact. When Trump won, I was greatly relieved, putting my nuclear preparedness on the back burner. Unfortunately Trump seems to have turned the back burner on low with China, but Iran would advance it to medium. If he decides to continue the recent re-engagement that Obama has created in Syria and adopt Hillary’s playbook of a no-fly zone, them it moves to high.

On another note: Trump’s Wisconsin Victory Confirmed – Gained Net 162 Votes In Statewide Recount. Way to go Jill!

Are we setting up for an executive pardon: Hillary Begs For Benghazi Lawsuit Dismissal While Plaintiffs Blast “Special Favors” For “Political Elite”? But this one’s not going so well: xPA Judge Denies Recount And Blasts Stein’s “Suspicions Of Hacking” That “Border On Irrational”.

I guess that any car left on the street overnight in Detroit will now be legally drivable: Michigan Legalizes Car Sales With No Steering Wheel or Brake Pedal.

Bits and Pieces – 20161210, Saturday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: I’m going to feature a concept that I have been chewing on for a while. The idea is that each revolution in human productivity rising with the industrial revolution has displaced a huge number of workers. People that try and dispel the fear that such job losses create unemployment argue that the technology of the revolution spawns new jobs in new industries that absorb the displaced labour force. While this has been apparently true in recent times, such people miss a key point.

Each technological revolution creates jobs that require a higher level of education/training and skill than the laid off workers have. This has become identifiable in the “knowledge revolution” where the required skill and education levels have moved up to requiring community college or university degrees.

To get an idea of the current state of employment in the US and by inference, Canada and other developed countries, read: Paul Craig Roberts – The Matrix Of Lies And What The Elite Are Really Up To Is Terrifying. In short the government defines the employment rate in a manner that excludes a large number of employable people while burying the fact that a lot of the jobs do not pay a living wage.

To see what’s coming next, read: Rise Of The Machines: Millions Of American Jobs Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Five Years. Government pronouncements of creating jobs are delusional. Bringing in a large immigrant population because we need their skillsdoes not change the current number of unemployed but increases the future number of unemployed when and immigrant lucky to land a job is displaced in the future. Programs like the 35,000 refugees with their education and skill levels simply moves the crisi forward in time.

Finally, the strongest argument supporting the idea of the start of a large permanently unemployed segment of society comes from the nature of the final stage of the industrial revolution that we are now in. The core product of this stage is the creation of labour and service units, growing in sophistication, that will displace large numbers of workers previously thought immune to automation.

Bits and Pieces – 20161201, Thursday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: I went looking for, and found, a word that I have never encountered in use: misandry. I suspect that there is ample opportunity in our present culture for its use, especially applied to those who would use its sister term, misogyny.

Bits and Pieces – 20161129, Tuesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: I’ve decided to publish this on an ‘as the spirit moves me’ basis. Here’s some current stuff.

Trump team: Trump Picks Former Goldman Banker Steven Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary, CBS Reports, Trump Picks Elaine Chao As Transportation Secretary, Trump Picks Vocal Obamacare Critic Tom Price As HHS Secretary

Main Stream Media (MSM): Of note: Jill Stein’s Recount Effort Gets 12 Times More Coverage From ABC, CBS, NBC Than Her Entire Campaign,

The American Empire (AE): Creating more chaos in the Middle East with the forever war: Obama Creates New Al-Qaeda Out Of Thin Air To Justify His Somalia War. Something nice to leave Trump.On the other hand, Trump has made short work of a number of Obama initiatives and he isn’t even officially installed in office yet. This is going to be a fun ride!

Bits and Pieces: Poor Putin – another headache from the mad man in Turkey: Declaration Of War? Erdogan Says Turkish Forces Are In Syria To End Assad’s Rule. This part is going better however, Assad On Verge Of Biggest Victory Since Start Of Syrian War With Imminent Capture Of Aleppo, as is this Egypt Shuns Washington; Supports Russia-Backed Coalition In Syria. And this as a possible start to defusing the tension between Europe and Russia: Sixteen European States Led By Germany Want Arms Control Agreement With Russia. I would expect a precondition to talks which the EU needs badly would be to lift sanctions on Russia. With not a lame duck president but a cooked and basted president in office the EU must be feeling … vulnerable.

Bits and Pieces – 20161109, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We may be able to retire some topics today or soon. I have placed the doomsday clock on hold. NATO remains a problem but Trump may defuse that – unless Obama does something desperate and we noted yesterday that that was unlikely unless he feels he needs to demonstrate that he can still command and is still in charge as Commander-in-Chief.

Putin’s reaction is positive: Putin Congratulates Trump, Says Russia Is Ready To Restore Relations With The US. The next move will be Trump’s.

Let’s start with trump’s victory speech at the 7:31:40 mark:

He has a good vision but the country is broke so he will have a tough road to travel. How he might achieve this and the impact on the dollar is briefly alluded to here: Gold Spikes Over $60 Before Pulling Back After Trump Upset Shocks The World! But Here Is The Real Shocker….

AUTONOMOUS ASSYRIA: The Only Possible Solution to the Arab World’s Terminal Disorder.


In this essay Paul returns to the topic of the Middle east. We present this essay reprinted by permission of Paul and from The Bayview Review. See the links at the end for direct access to the rest of Paul’s work.

Who can doubt that the entire Middle East is getting closer every day to the brink of chaos?

The Syrian Arab Republic. .

Inevitably, some parts of the Middle East are closer to that day than others. But to get some sense of how rapidly things move from apathy to chaos in that region, we recall that when, back in December 2010, the presenters on global television news-shows discovered  the arrival of the Arab Spring,  all the experts to whom they turned agreed that the most secure regime in the region was that of the Bashir al-Assad in Syria. American governments going back at least to Nixon and including the current Obama government had publicly declared their confidence that the Assad regime was making a deliberate and cautious transition to democracy – very soon. Even as the first signs of “Spring” were appearing in Damascus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a statement of March 27, 2011, expressed agreement with “many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months [and] have said they believe he[Bashir al-Assad] is a reformer.” (“The Impending Implosion of Syria,” August 12, 2012.)

IMPLOSION: Does Syria Have A Future?

With Syria center stage in the Mideast, Paul gives speculates on Syria’s future. We present this essay reprinted by permission of Paul and from The Bayview Review. See the links at the end for direct access to the rest of Paul’s work.

The fifth anniversary of the Syrian civil war will be reached in March of this year.

 Syria’s Place in the Unfolding Arab Spring.

Along with every other person, it seems, who went on record with thoughts about Syria’s future during the first months of that civil war, I guessed that Assad’s regime was “doomed.” (“The Impending Implosion of Syria,”  www.thebayviewreview, August 12, 2012.) While I was not reckless enough to suggest how far down the road Assad’s overthrow would come, I cannot deny that I had not anticipated that he would still be in power today. But I do feel comfortable today with taking away the qualifier: “Impending”.

Flash Point: View from the Empire

We have become aware of late of the portrayal of Russian activity as dangerous and aggressive while similar behavior from the Americans is seen as righteous. We came across a lovely example today in a Fox News interview with Carly Fiorina, a Republican Candidate for President (0:58 seconds):

(h/t Mike Shedlock: Trump vs. Fiorina vs. Obama on Isis; Fiorina and the “Law of Bad Ideas”)

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