The Frankfurt School was a group of Marxist/communist intellectuals established in Germany in 1923. Later they fled Nazi Germany and settled at Columbia University in New York[1][2].

The political philosophy that emerged from this school is called ‘cultural Marxism’[3] after its focus on changing the basic culture of a nation.

It takes a long time to completely takeover a culture starting with the co-option of the institutions of the culture. These include higher learning, the media, and finally the educational system. At the same time, it is critical to destroy religous practice and the idea of the traditional nuclear family.

The interests behind this movement began in the post-war era to implement their ideology, emerging in the student protests of the 1960s. Today, the transformation is in an advanced state, masked as the ideology of democratic socialism.

The most effective tool for gaining control over people is fear, and fear has been used repeatedly to advance government and erode civil liberties.

In the US, the fear of terrorism promulgated by authorities using 9/11, allowed the creation of the Patriot Act which over-road many constitutional rights of its citizens.

The current and most successful fear tactic has been to use the COVID-19 crisis to close churches, reduce social interaction, isolate individuals, and curtail democratic government. Instead we have government by the declaration of emergency powers that do not require parliamentary debate.

The following 32 minute interview by Candace Owens with Dinesh D’Souza covers this idea of how the allure of an ideal socialist society which appeals to a large segment of the population, is being used as a lead into a communist totalitarian state.

Think about the above in the context of your own experience. If you are not already awake, it is time to do so.


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