Easily a dozen years ago I looked at e-readers. Since reading books is a difficult and arduous process I had stopped reading around that time. I like to own my books and fill a shelf with them. This desire carried over into the electronic realm.

My assessment of Amazon’s Kindle presented two problems. The file format was proprietary and limited what I could do with the book. The second as I understood it was that I couldn’t download a local copy for an electronic reference library.

I finally reached the point where I need to be able to read – or more to the point – have read to me – a book that is highly relevant to my current thinking.

In exploring readers again, I came across a piece of software called Calibre. It’s an e-book management system that allows you to build local libraries, convert between various file formats, and much more. It also appears to be freeware.

I’ll write a report on it soon. In the meantime, I’m releasing the first two articles on a new topic of personal privacy. The topic is one of ongoing interest and has been on my radar for years. These are: How You Give Away Your Personal Information for Free and The Virtual Private Network (VPN).

I am incorporating links to diverse sites that I reference and am using it as a repository of new reach and information such as the e-reader issue.

As usual, I would appreciate your pointing out any errors or omissions. If you have additional information on any topic, please let me know.

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