Watch the whole clip below at 4:41 minutes in length or go directly to 2:17:

“The matrix is everywhere … it is all around us”. It is the narrative that has been constructed for you to operate from, constructed by others, constructed by the state. You do not even begin to know what your narrative is and how deep it extends.

The blue pill is exactly this narrative. The red pill is the lonely, painful awakening to another understanding of the world. It is the entrance to Alice’s rabbit-hole.

It must be early in my life that I took the red pill. This blog is a study of my recent adventures down the rabbit hole. I had thought that I had time to piece it together in a scholarly way of reasoning supported by observation, scientific affirmation and fact. I was wrong. This is the eleventh hour.

A friend, in a recent conversation, suggested that my talent might be as a ‘packager’ – taking the work of others and binding it together into a seamless picture of what is. I’m beginning to see that he was right.

There are many people, much much smarter than me, more eloquent, more deeply attuned around issues that form the pieces of the larger puzzle. A month ago I began to construct the big picture (The Picture on the Box). Going forward, I’ll focus on using the work of these people to build that picture.

To this end, here’s a recent interview with Lynette Zang, a lovely lady with a deep understanding of the global financial system. It is long at almost 50 minutes, but I’ve listened to it twice.

It is interesting to note that she pegs Fed Chairman Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole as a pivotal moment in the currency resets.

At the 18:41 mark she says that the implementation of a universal basic income will be the start of hyper inflation. Ultimately, the quantity of goods available to buy, especially of quality, is at best inelastic and likely fixed. With limitless quantities of free money available to buy these goods, the money becomes worthless and this is hyperinflation.

Another point is a digital currency in a cashless society seems baked into the cake. It will ultimately fail. She thinks gold will be used to back the new currency in some way to try and restore confidence in it. To this end countries around the world have been buying gold as part of their foreign reserves. Except of course, as she notes, Canada. If her scenario plays out, we are in real deep deep trouble!

A source that I read a couple of weeks or so ago stated that they had some indication that the Canadian government was going to make a major policy announcement on reset after Labour Day when parliament reconvenes. Trudeau needs to pull a rabbit out of the rabbit hole to save his government or to buy the next election with.

Finally, I want to leave you with a few uplifting minutes of music. As I mulled over this post in my mind, I thought of calling it ‘Shepherds Awake’ or ‘Sheep Awake’. I didn’t find anything that I considered appropriate for a musical introduction. Then I came across J.S. Bach. Here is his Sleepers Wake:


I started a blog in 2011 called The POOG, an acronym for "pissed off old guy". This is the current incarnation.


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