I was alerted to an issue a week ago by one of the sites that I monitor and list, Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms (C3RF). It refers to proposed policy that, if the Liberals are not defeated in a non-confidence vote when parliament resumes, will complete the economic destruction of our country that the Liberal government has not accomplished with its COVID-19 lock-down strategy.

A white paper on this policy was released in July, 2020, titled Preliminary Report by the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery. Policy based on this report will implement important aspects of the globalist agenda outlined in the UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 reports. Also, consider the UN’s view of Agenda 21 for Canada: NATURAL RESOURCE ASPECTS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN CANADA.

Russ Cooper of C3RF gives a good summary of and commentary on the task force report (C3RF Member Update – 04 Sept, 2020). I will, however, add some comments and observations.

Let’s begin with a look at their goals:

The goal of our task force is to ensure that those billions in new Canadian expenditure are invested wisely in a strong and resilient recovery – one that delivers good jobs, is positive for the environment, and addresses inequality.

Preliminary Report by the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery

Having noted that the government has spent over 300 billion on the COVID-19 crisis that they created, they intend to spend billions more on a ‘resilient recovery’ whatever that means – they never explain it.

Further, they indicate the characteristics of the jobs that they expect to create. One of these is ‘clean competitiveness’, again never explained. Another is ‘inclusive growth’ which is an obvious euphemism for selected hiring practices – white males need not apply.

Clearly they are presenting a centrally planned economy which to date, has always ended in decline, suffering and eventual economic and social collapse in countries like the former USSR.

The chart on page 9 is adapted from the IEA report, Sustainable Recovery: Evaluation of possible recovery measures. Apart from making a mistake by reversing the numbers for new and existing grids, they have chosen to colour the ‘green economy’ jobs green and the fossil fuel components, grey.

The later represent ‘unabated’ job creation, meaning that there will be growth in these sectors. That is, coal and gas fired power plants are a critical component of the new renewable energy future to backup its unreliability.

A fundamental part of the policy is the attainment of a net-zero carbon economy. How you do this when you have to burn fossil fuels will be an interesting game to watch.

An equally interesting chart is the one on page 10. It shows renewable investments of other G7 countries that by implication, we should be emulating. Note that this is based on a Biden presidency. What do they know that we don’t?

They list five areas of action on page 12 of the report and expand on each in turn. The first is all about retrofitting. The second is about electric vehicles (EV) and infrastructure including subsidies to car companies and EV buyers (the wealthy).

The third area represents the electricity system both with respect to grids and generation. Of note is the implied electricity heating of homes. This would likely involve the entire rewiring of houses and panel upgrades. It still requires a forced air system for air conditioning.

The fourth area is that of nature. One objective is to:

Restore and conserve natural infrastructure, such as wetlands, coastal marshes and riparian forests, to increase the climate resilience of nearby communities

Preliminary Report by the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery

Can you imagine that this can be done in any meaningful way for the Greater Toronto Area?

As a final comment, I would note the schedule for consultation is the summer and fall while the release of the final report is the end of summer (September). Is someone in a hurry? Further, in a Global interview, Trudeau announced that this agenda will be laid out in a throne speech later in September. Go to the 11:10 minute mark.

We have seen this vacuous ideology put forward before such as Naomi Klein’s ‘Leap Manifesto‘, the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home, and work by the left-wing think-tank, the Pembina Institute. This will be the enactment of Soviet-style government to be fully implemented. That this is now the proposed basis of government policy is downright scary.

Additional Reading

A lot has been written on the UN global agendas. What is new is the commentary and analysis that is emerging on the connection between the way the COVID-19 pandemic has been managed to destroy the old global economy in preparation for the introduction of the new globalist agenda and a ‘resilient’, ‘sustainable’, green economy.

And for your viewing pleasure:


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