This week I revised the article on masks adding more material on aerosol transmission and cloth masks: Disease Transmission and Masks. I also looked further into the upcoming throne speach and added a link to a Global News interview in which Trudeau mentions the new economy in context of the throne speech.

I’ve begun adding new sections under ‘The New World Order’. In particular, my last blog piece, Coming Your Way … Economic Devastation and Servitude!. In particular, the white paper ‘Preliminary Report by the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery‘ led me to wonder what playbook are they operating from.

I think that all the actors and institutions working towards the new world order are operating from playbooks that can be distilled down to a point form description. I’ve begun thinking along these lines.


And now for your listening pleasure, both Michael Eldridge and David Wesley have published new videos. Here they are.

And David Wesley:


I started a blog in 2011 called The POOG, an acronym for "pissed off old guy". This is the current incarnation.


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