I am somewhat unfocused on the main part of this site with several articles open at once. I’m mentally trying to work out the best scheme for fitting them into the site. Hopefully, by the end of the week I will have new material worked out.


In the meantime I will continue adding material on music originally sent to an email list.

In Music for You, I had given you ‘Just As I Am’ sung by Michael Eldridge. I have a new arrangement by a new (to me)  artist, Micheal Lining:

This arrangement has some beautiful key changes. I love the way in the later part of the music he begins with the lead part and adds the other three parts one by one.


Presentation is an important part of performing and outdoor performing must be the most exacting. Changing camera angles, aerial views, performers moving around, and creating an even sound must be immensly challenging.

The next group of 5 young women takes it to another level – a mountain top. I was aware of the artistry of video-taping and track mixing used by performers like Michael Eldridge. This one has me marvelling at the camera work. And it’s a lovely duet.

After that, why not put a full orchestra outdoors. Here’s a performance of ‘Saviour redeemer of My Soul’ by Dallyn Bayles, Jenny Oaks Baker & Lyceum Philharmonic.

Like the Fountainview Academy that often records outdoors and th I have featured before, this appears to be an orchestra of young people. Wonderful!

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