In case you missed it, Biden admitted that the Democrats had put togther “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”. See in this video:

At least he was honest.

Trudeau is known for his gaffs and here’s one that seems to have slipped by people. In an video session filmed by Global News, 29 September, 2020, he makes either a Biden gaff or Biden admission of truth at about the 4:45 minute mark:

He said, and I hope it was a gaff:

That’s why Canada’s moved forward in a number of different ways to insure that wherever and whenever a virus is developed, we make sure we’re, ah, we’re ah, maximizing our chances to obtain it.

He also announced giving away another billion dollars, give or take a couple of hundred million – I couldn’t sort it out, of your money to foreign entities. But then he is a globalist and this is part of the Agenda 2030 strategy: to reduce your standard of living to that of the global poor so that we are all equal.

Further work that I finished this week are two articles on Canada. You’ll find them in Mainstream Media (MSM) and Narrative Control and Propaganda in Canada.


Two of my favourite sources have new music out this week. Fountainview Academy which I discovered is in British Columbia, put out this video:

Lovely solid bass. Michael Eldridge also has a new hymn out:

I like the mix on this recording. On many I feel he has the lead set too high so it overpowers. On this recording it’s easier to hear the alto and tenor parts.


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