I have seen polls that show 40% to as high as 88%, of people who will not take a COVID vaccine. Social media is busy censoring all dissent on the topic. Authorities are scrambling to discredit dissent and promote vaccines both with MSM propaganda and particularly, photo-ops with noted personalities. The latter is unlikely to sway opinion much because a skeptical public will simply ask what’s in the syringe, distilled water? Who knows?

The most effective photo-op, however, is the following of a Tennessee nurse receiving her shot (I’ve downloaded it so if Google takes it down I can put it back up):

Oops. Later this weekend I will be releasing a review of the Pfizer vaccine to be followed by others as I can research them.


For music, I have a new virtual choir from my old choir, the Ottawa Carleton Male Choir. I was invited to join them. This was a real learning experience!

In my last post I presented Kris Kristofferson and the American Outlaws. I went back to them and found this recording of Willie Nelson singing ‘City of New Orleans’. I consulted a friend about the genre and he assured me that this is pure country.

And if you’re still with me, another with the group and Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash singing:


I started a blog in 2011 called The POOG, an acronym for "pissed off old guy". This is the current incarnation.


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