Probably around 200 articles come to me a day. Sites like ZeroHedge which is one of the most prolific generators, have a good discipline of providing descriptive titles that make for rapid decision making on whether to go into an article or not. I will save many links for future use but since I don’t always know what I’ll be interested in in 4 months, there are some items that I pass by and then cannot find when I realize I want them.

One such piece was a short video interview of a doctor in February mouthing the official line that masks don’t work and we don’t need them. So what were we going to fight the disease with? Social distancing. But apparently that either failed to work or it was an inadequate measure. That’s when we were told to wear masks.

This is where it started to get confusing. If the mask works then I shouldn’t have to social distance. Not so fast. We apparently still need to do it. So do masks work or do they not? Well masks are tricky. If you wear one, it protects others from getting the virus if you have it. But it doesn’t protect you from the virus if someone else has it. Amazing: the mask has a one-way virus filtering facility.

Bit things were still not quite right so we implemented lockdowns. These would stop the pandemic for sure. But it’s worse than ever with all these measures in place. In addition, a lot of evidence is emerging that they are simply not very effective at stopping transmission but are highly-effective weapons of economic, social and personal mass destruction.

I’ve added a section to my article Disease Transmission and Masks with new data and additional studies which suggest that not only are mandatory mask mandates not effective but they may contribute to increases in infections.

Back in the late winter there was discussion that SARS-CoV-2 would be a seasonal virus. Now that we have almost a years worth of data, the case numbers graph sure looks seasonal, and this despite all our efforts.

I am tempted to collude that all the measures implemented have had minimal effect. This would imply that we never had a good handle on this disease and since we are simply doing more of the same, still don’t.

The fear mills went into overdrive in the last week about a virus mutation reported in England. Scientists have been quick to point out that we simply have not had enough time to study the mutation and determine if it poses any additional threat or not. I bet you weren’t aware that a mutation surfaced in the southern US earlier this year, the D614G Coronavirus Mutation. But then we didn’t need the fear factor.

I’ve been doing work on vaccines and have a good overview of the Pfizer vaccine coming soon. I’ve also added an article on the RT-PCR test to try and sort out the issue of false positives: The RT-PCR Test.


Virtual choirs have become quite popular. Here’s one sent to me today by a friend:

I’ve been working hard on a number of articles and have ignored music. But here’s one more from the Fountainview Academy:


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