As a teenager, I was an avid science fiction reader and collector. Paperback books were 0.35 cents then and no more than 0.50 cents. Anytime I went into a store I scoured the book racks looking for any book I didn’t already own. I would order directly from publishers. When I eventually sold my paperback collection it was over 600 volumes. A. C. Clarke was a favourite. I had copies of his books ‘Against the Fall of Night’ and the expanded version ‘The City and the Stars’. I see that I can buy a new copy of the mass market paperback edition of the former book – likely the one I owned – on Amazon for $438.12.

I never shared the venomous hatred of Trump that my fellow Canadians had. If you have at all explored my website you have a pretty good picture of where we are headed. I have avoided much of the irrationality spewed by the progressives – a name that they conveniently gave themselves making my job of identifying them easier.

I am at the point that I must concede that Trump has failed. Rather that the Deep State has simply been too great and has won out. This is unfortunate because he is all that stood against the fall of night. If you are a Biden supporter, your best hopes are answered. May you rest well with them in the next 2 -3 years. You deserve your victory.

I was in a Zoom call last night with members of my former Barbershop choristers. One made some comment about a song about wearing a mask and “get your head out of your ass”. Someone made a similar comment about people who don’t wear masks. I quit wearing a mask months ago after I completed my research on them. It simply wasn’t appropriate to challenge these people. It would have been a waste of my time and social capital. But it did make me realize how COVID fear has created a new class of programmed individuals. This is a powerful tool ready to be used against dissent in the classic manner of communist states.

Recently I decided that the mainstream Christian religions are lost and the future of Christianity may be in the practices of the early Church of the first 2 or 3 centuries where believers met in individuals’ homes to avoid persecution.

I have a small number of friends that I can talk with and we have had discussions around the idea of adopting a new strategy to face the future. We will have more of these discussions but in the meantime, watch this new video by James Corbett. He is moving from a responsive to a proactive stance and this is exactly what I am proposing. Corbett should be on your ‘must follow’ list. As a matter of practice, I use the word ‘should’ extremely sparingly.

I just received this. It seems relevant: The Last Stand.


I started a blog in 2011 called The POOG, an acronym for "pissed off old guy". This is the current incarnation.


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