Yesterday I wrote that I had conceded that Trump would not prevail. I am changing my position. There was a wild card that hadn’t been played and I despaired that it would not be. If in fact it is yet played, Trump will be proven to be a brilliant tactician and strategist – and one of the greatest American presidents.

This late in the game, the sides are drawn. Rats like McConnell, Graham, Barr, Pence, and so many others have exposed themselves and shown their true stripes. The social media giants, by totally shutting down Trump’s avenues of communication, have played their hand – a pair of deuces. Trump now knows who to wrap up to cleanup the swamp. The evidence which is widely known among alternative news sources and bloggers is overwhelming and I’m sure there is much, much more to come out. If you only follow the MSM, you of course will have no idea what I am talking about. So watch this video. It reveals the wild card.

Greg Hunter of USA should be on your list of sources to follow. Once a week he has a great interview with someone.


I started a blog in 2011 called The POOG, an acronym for "pissed off old guy". This is the current incarnation.


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