Either articles that or new or have larger updates include:

  • Media Platforms. I’m starting to review the more popular ones, a project that will last a week or two. I’m pondering a communicable strategy to replace the MSSM (mainstream social media) which have moved to control public discourse and thinking in preparation for the Great Reset.
  • Tracking the Virus. I seem to be tracking vaccine deaths as the main news items.
  • Disease Transmission and Masks. The Huff&Puff Post.ca had an article on asymptomatic disease transmission. They got it wrong in the government’s favour (their sugar daddy) but I read the research report and have a corrected analysis in my article.
  • Parapsychology and UFOs. I added this topic to include a link to the Black Vault that has archived the just-relased CIA files on UFOs and parapsychology. I used this as a chance to capture some material on remote viewing that I had explored a year or two ago.
  • EMF/5G. I added this topic to collect material on the subject matter. I’ve avoided delving into it in the past because of bandwidth issues (of me).

It is difficult to create comedy today that does not have tragic overtones. However, JP (I haven’t found his last name) has a good one on the New World Order:

James Corbett has also published his 4th Annual Fake News Awards. It’s long at 1:25:31 but if you have the time. It leads into his newparadigm of what I call moving from reaction to proaction. It’s what i am working on.


I started a blog in 2011 called The POOG, an acronym for "pissed off old guy". This is the current incarnation.


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