True North had an excellent panel discussion on censorship in social media. The video is below. Bruce Pardy, a Queens University law professor has the most accurate assessment of the situation. If you just want the key segments with Bruce, these start at 21:54, 37:53, and 1:12:12 for the quotes below.

Some of the key points that he makes are:

  1. One of the weaknesses of the right, if I may put it this way, is our disbelief, is our … we tend to be naive and trying not to see what is happening right in front of our eyes.
  2. There is, as the title suggests, a purge going on.”
  3. big tech and governments are aligned, and if anything, as you have pointed out with the proposed legislation from the heritage minister, when the question of regulation comes up, the government wants these tech companies to do more of this, not less
  4. big tech and governments, especially in Canada, but I think even in the Sates, are aligned on this and it is governments that are pushing the tech companies to do more of what they are doing.
  5. this is a question of two sides …
  6. The left really means it and one of our problems is that we don’t believe what they have said out loud.”
  7. “But, I think it is later than we think. If you consider what has become mainstream in term of views about speech and safety and misinformation, just notice the gap between that and what we regard as our political and legal norms about speech. … good regulation is not coming, bad regulation probably is.

To the above discussion about how big tech is shaping and controlling the narrative that people view the world through, here is one more video by Ben Swann:

Where is this going?

As I have shown in the section ‘Government Suppression of Dissenting Viewpoints’ of Mainstream Media (MSM), the Trudeau government obsesses repeatedly about ‘misinformation’ and disinformation’. What they are saying – what they can’t say directly – is that they want to suppress all dissenting view or question of their official narratives.

Bruce Pardy, as in quote 4 above, notes how big tech and the Canadian government are working hand in hand. This is clear in recent news reports[1][2]. In particular, Facebook’s Aastha Gupta speaks of “tests” they will be running[3] to filter out ‘undesirable’ content. She notes the exceptions (emphasis added):

. COVID-19 information from authoritative health organizations like the CDC and WHO, as well as national and regional health agencies and services from affected countries, will be exempt from these tests. Content from official government agencies and services will also be exempt. 

Gupta, 2021[3].

It is interesting to note her use of words such as “authoritative” and “official”, words that the government uses repeatedly to distinguish their content from ‘mis/disinformation’.

The objective here is for the state to control you in terms of everything you think and ultimately, do. The MSM is bought and paid for. If they can control content of the internet then it is game over. Or as they said in n earlier era:

Walk Away

The role that Twitter, Facebook, and Google played in controlling the public narrative in the recent US election, and what they are also doing in Canada now to a greater degree, should be clear to the thinking, informed person. The one act that you can take is to walk away from these social media platforms. I’ve begun exploring some of the alternatives in Media Platforms.

‘Signal’ seems to be the most secure. ‘Telegram’ is probably the most popular as a much more powerful replacement for Twitter. Consider ‘Mind’ for Facebook. Your choice is to either be part of the problem or part of the solution.


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