O June 28 I published a blog article: Understanding the Danger of the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines. In it I presented a podcast by Alex Pierson with Dr. Byram Bridle, and a video with Dr. Robert Malone.

Shortly afterwards, in searching Alex Pierson’s site I found that the podcast, even though the link to it remains active (for how long I don’t know), no longer appeared on her site. Instead, another podcast with Dr. Bridle that is more positive about vaccines had replaced it.

I tried to contact Dr. Bridle by email and got the following automated reply (emphasis his):

I will be on vacation July 5-18, inclusive. I will not have access to a computer or phone. Please note that my inbox currently has >9,300 unread e-mails and is expected to reach >12,000 by the time I return. If you have something that needs urgent attention, I recommend that you e-mail me (or re-send your e-mail) sometime after July 18th.

My workload has become challenging to manage. Due to my willingness, as a public servant, to address questions about COVID-19 posed by the public in an unbiased fashion, a public smear campaign was launched against me. This has included the creation of a website and a Twitter account to impersonate and harass me. I am experiencing harassment in my workplace from some colleagues (Note: this is not from the administration of my institution, who support the tenet of academic freedom). As such, I am unable to fulfill many of my regular duties in a timely fashion. Such are the times for some academic public servants.

For those interested in the science underpinning my concerns about COVID-19 vaccines for youth, please visit “www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org” for a copy of a new full-length guide for parents that includes key references. My science-based concerns have now been backed up by one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine technology. For confirmation, please listen to this podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/ng/podcast/mrna-inventor-robert-malone-backs-up-byram-bridle-on/id1513237951?i=1000526212312. As cases of myocarditis and pericarditis and other issues continue to mount in young people, my hope is that my forewarning will be viewed as less controversial and will be taken more seriously. Please note that young people seem to be at greater risk of experiencing one of these severe adverse events after the second dose, so I advise that parents remain extra-vigilant in observing their adolescents for several weeks post-immunization.

I will continue to be accepting only limited media engagements after I return from vacation.

For those seeking my services as an expert witness for court cases, I might be able to consider helping if a report would not be due for ~eight weeks. Any sooner and I cannot help.

Personal communication.

I had already run across the fake domain set up to smear him. He is under heavy attack.

Regarding Dr. Roger Malone, apparently he is also under heavy attack as evidenced by this video:

COV – Robert Malone

I normally avoid speculating about hidden agendas and motives. However, in what follows, I’m going into SOME of the more popular and practical ones. It is understood by everyone not living under a rock, that the mainstream social media (MSSM) has been heavily censoring thought and opinion that is divergent from official narrative and the interests of deep players.

When you incur such censorship and attack it is confirmation that you are too close to the truth. It can be like a badge of honour and validation of a position. It has the added advantage of flagging you for the attention of those who are beginning to wake up.

The frantic push by authorities to get you vaccinated by any means should have raised a red flag in your mind. COVID-19 has proven to be no worse than a bad flu, if that. In fact for the young and healthy the risk is extremely small. So there must be other agendas involved.

One most apparent is the profit motive. It is widely known that certain cheap generic drugs – some are reviewed elsewhere on this site (see Alternative Therapeutics) – may be even more efficacious than vaccines as a prophylactic and as a treatment for COVID-19. The active suppression of these, apart from being criminal, ensures that Big Pharma garners vast profits (Pfizer boosts forecast for vaccine sales to US$33.5 billion) from their vaccines, both in the present and for a guaranteed string of ‘boosters’ every 6-12 months for years to come.

Another agenda being used by the World Economic Forum and countries like Canada is to destroy the old capitalist economies so that a new green economy and technocracy can be ‘built back better’ under the UN. In the process, governments worldwide have assumed totalitarian powers that are fundamentally anti-democratic. The marvel is that through the skilful use of fear and behavioural modification, they have induced their populations to want the aspects of a totalitarian state. An enforced vaccination program entrenches their authoritarian control.

The next aspect of mandatory vaccination is a vaccine passport, currently being rolled out in many jurisdictilons. It is another government program promised to be temporary that like all predecessors will become permanent, particularly when it becomes clear to the governments that it can be used as a personal ID system to control access to all government services such as welfare, healthcare, employment insurance, pensions and elections.

It has been the desire of eugenicists from Thomas Malthus through the Club of Rome, Bill Gates II and Bill Gates III to limit the global population. A target sometimes heard is 500 million people as written on the Georgia Guidestones. So they are looking for ways to eliminate 7.5 billion people. Later versions of vaccines could be engineered to induce infertility either male or female, or more lethal outcomes.

IDr. Paul Craig Roberts sums it up well: The “COVID Pandemic” Is a Money-making Hoax and Perhaps Serves Darker Agendas

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