In the following video, Dr Peter McCullough discusses the clinical discoveries that his team made in treating vaccine adverse reactions in patients.

Dr McCullough discusses the observed lethality of these vaccines. He raises a new concern when he says:

I’m becoming very wormed that the messenger RNA or the adenoviral DNA is taken up and it’s not disposed of, and that the spike [S] protein is continuing to be produced locally in the tissues causing damage.


That is, the the active vaccine component, after distributing throughout the body, continues to produce the S protein in local tissue, acting as the source of ongoing S protein-mediated damage. He says their guess is that the production of the S protein may continue for a month.

This is groundbreaking research. There are no studies yet of these issues unless the vaccine manufacturers have material that they have not released into the public record.

In the following video, Dr. Jessica Rose performs an analysis of the data from the American Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System (VAERS), a CDC-sponsored database of voluntary submissions of adverse vaccine reactions. Due to its nature actual representation of events is unknown[2], but is considered to be under-reported[3] with studies estimating that it captures from 1-10% of cases.

COV – VAERS – Dr. Rose

Of the data reviewed, Dr. Rose focuses on events around the female reproductive system as well as the cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological systems. She identifies pathogenic priming[1] as a matter of grave concern behind immune system-meditated responses.

Her discussion of the data on immune disorders begins around the 13:00 mark. As a matter of record, we identified such concerns in Understanding the Danger of the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines and Concerns of Neurological and Other Long-term Effects of mRNA Vaccines.

As a final part of her analysis she studies the reporting of ‘breakthrough’ deaths. The term breakthrough refers to COVID-19 infections that occur in fully vaccinated individuals. She places the mortality rate of these people at 6%.

Final Remarks

When reviewing VAERS data, multiply by 10 to get a more likely representation of real numbers.

We know that many neurological and autoimmune disorders can take months to years to manifest at a detectable level. This is the reason for long-term studies before drugs and biologicals are given approval. We have no such completed studies . Anyone promoting or administering these vaccines are demonstrating extreme negligence if they have not advised their patients of the risk involved.

The Pfizer vaccine, as reported by Dr. Rose, in terms of highest percentage of reactions, is the most dangerous. I will report on the alleged use of cytotoxic graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine in a later post.


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