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Ever wonder what our government – or any other government – holds in its financial reserves in the form of US Treasury securities? The place to look is in the Major Foreign Holders of US Treasury Securities (TIC Report). It’s published around the middle of the month and lags by two months. Canada ranks 16th with 118.5 billion USD. Japan is in first place with 1277.3 billion USD.

If you hear “Country X is selling all their US Treasuries”, the truth lies herein. Russia is not in the table. That is because it sold all its Treasuries years ago when the US started sanctioning it. China, on the other hand, hasn’t changed its balance much over the last year.


On August 12, an unusual swarm of earthquakes struck off of the South Sandwich Islands. In a 12 hour period, three quakes around magnitude 7.5 struck. This is highly unusual as the world can go weeks without a single quake that large (What on earth is happening off South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands? More than 15 Big Ones and 3 major M7.0+ in 12 hours – Sign of the incoming poleshift?).


In my first Bits ‘N Pieces: 20210814 I published an interview by Greg Hunter with Clif High. Clif’s website is called Half Past Human and it is as eclectic as he is. I felt it was a little edgy for at least some of my readers, but the world is a much larger and more complex system than most might realize. We’re running out of time. Taking a metaphor from the movie The Matrix, this is a red pill / blue pill moment.

This is a red pill site. The movie clip is a very good description of it.


A week after Greg’s interview with Clif High, he published an interview with Bo Polny. I believe it is likely that Clif and Bo don’t know each other, but there is an important congruence between their predictions. Recall that I said to notice that Clif had picked the latter half of August and into September as a period of major events or change. Listen to what Bo says.

I’ll leave it to you the reader to decide how to take this.

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