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One of the five major categories on my site is called Psyops. It’s development is incomplete and fragmentary. I add to it as I go. It is an important category because it deals with the technology that is being used by our owners to control us – on multiple levels.

Recently I added some videos on the topic of mass psychosis which is what the COVID-19 exercise has become. You can find them in The Psychology of Control.

A day or two ago I came across this article by America’s Frontline Doctors: Mass psychosis: How an entire population becomes mentally ill. It links to a video, part of a series, all of which are integrated into my site at the above page provided.

Today, however, I came across another reference to this mass psychosis in an interview with Doug Casey: Doug Casey on the Real Story Behind Collapsing Supply Chains and What it Means for You. He comments:

COVID will go down in history as more than just another mass hysteria. It’s likely to be classed as an episode of mass psychosis. It’s the Salem witch trials times a million. It is even bigger than the Great Cultural Revolution in China. The public has been convinced that a dangerous—but relatively minor—virus is going to wipe out the planet, and now, on top of the virus, we have to deal with experimental vaccines, which are likely to be made mandatory, either directly or indirectly.

International Man

This will lead into a much longer and deeper look at where this psychosis is leading that I am working on (Hint : a totalitarian state.)


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