You are a good citizen that does what your government asks of you. You haven’t had a shot yet but you are assured that it’s safe. The occurrence of extreme adverse reactions is extremely rare. You take the jab. It’s more than a flu shot but you’re OK. Three weeks later you go for the second shot. Why not, the first didn’t kill you.

The second shot had more side effect than the first but after a day or two you’re fine. Now the government is telling you you need a booster. In fact some are saying that SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay and you’ll need a booster every 6-12 months indefinitely. You survived two. What’s the problem with another?

Two months ago I published Understanding the Danger of the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines in which I cited research that shows that the S spike protein from the vaccines causes permanent damage to the heart, lungs, brain and other organs. This damage accumulates with every mRNA shot that you take based on the S protein (that’s all of them by the way).

After two shots, we know that your life expectancy has been reduced as well as your physical performance, even if it is not immediately perceptable. So here is the issue. After a number of these shots, if you’re still functioning, you will reach the point where the next one WILL kill you. You don’t know ahead of time if the gun is loaded. As Clint Eastwood in Dirty Hairy famously said “Go ahead, make my day.”

I’ve written some follow-up pieces on vaccine dangers and damage since my first article:

Today I’m adding two new videos. The first is by Dr. Ryan Cole. In it he talks about autopsy results on a vaccine mortality case. In it he shows the tissue damage to heart, lungs, and brain caused by the spike protein. Note his comments on the number of autopsies performed. It appears that authorities don’t want you to know these results.

COV – Dr. Ryan Cole

The next video with Dr. Richard Fleming discusses the virus and the vaccine in an interview that is somewhat wide-ranging; however, at the 50:50 minute mark they talk about the mechanism of the S protein damage as well as the cumulative aspect of it, particularly for young people.

Flemming talks about the research and development background of both the virus and the vaccine. He touches on the persecution of the unvaxxed as I introduced in BnP: 20210820. Find Community Before It’s Too Late. He talks about the vaccine as a bioweapon. I would also note his comments on the prion region inserted into the spike protein, an issue raised as a concern in Understanding the Danger of the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines .

Around the 51:40 mark they discuss the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) that makes the virus more infectious and causes the inflammation and cytokine storm that the S protein can trigger. This is a topic for another post. He predicts that in a year and a half, the neurological disorders will be emerging and the persistent damage to all bodily systems will become apparent.

In his practice he and his workers have developed a treatment protocol for COVID-19 called the FlemmingMethod.

Concluding Remark

It is crystal clear to me that these vaccines are causing and will cause many, many more deaths and permanent life-altering disabilities. The vaxxed and the politicians at all levels pushing this extreme vaccination agenda will have earned their reward.


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