I have been trying to solve the problem of comments not working. In the process I inadvertently changed a setting that turned off email distribution of new post articles like this one. In fixing the problem (I hope) I created a test post. When I received notification confirming that it was now working I immediately deleted it. This has caused rightful confusion for many of you who informed me – much appreciated and an apology.

In retrospect I should have added text to the test post to ignore it and left it up for a week before deleting it.

Meanwhile, you may have missed these two posts while it was broken: Ivermectin Is Very Safe and The White House. This most recent post you should have received: Why You Can’t Have a Conversation with Anyone.


Gerald Celente (Trends Research) has forecast for years that the 20th century belonged to the US but the 21st century belongs to China. While many in the West construct arguments that China will collapse and the American Empire will reign supreme, the evidence seems otherwise. Consider this graphic received today from Doug Casey:

China Trade

Paul Joseph Watson is a skilled British satirist. He published this video today that explains in stark terms why the West and the US in particular have ceded their hegemony to China:

China Media Management

I could explore a number of other dimensions where they have the upper hand such as quantum computing but ’nuff said.


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