Recall that in The New Net Zero and COVID Community Guidelines I advocated applying the social distancing rules that GM urged Chevy Bolt owners to apply to their vehicles, to Teslas also. Unfortunately, this Tesla didn’t and the result was the spread of spontaeous ignition disease to five other vehicles: Tesla Found “Fully Engulfed” After “Vehicle Explosion” Leaves 5 Cars Damaged On Long Island. This is proof if any more were needed that a passport system for EVs is essential for the safety of all non-electric vehicles.


Although the government of Canada is closed today for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, thereby reducing Canadian and particularly government productivity even more, the POOG cannot afford to take a day off and will continue reporting.

Now I shouldn’t complain. When Trudeau is finished the work of the UN and the WEF in destroying the old economy he will be able to build back better to Net Zero. It’s a brilliant strategy because when you have destroyed everything to nothing you are at zero – net zero. Since no work will be required to get from nothing to zero, we will have no work to do, and being unemployed, will be completely unproductive. Trudeau is helping us to get used to our new future by requiring that we not work today. Good plan, even if it may be the only one he has.


A friend mentioned today that Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, has contracted Bell’s Palsy as a result of the vaccine. We are unlikely to know officially whether she has it or not, and if she does, is it an adverse event. The optics in either case would not be good for the government’s insane drive to vaccinate 100% of the population. Since I do not watch MSM in Canada, I haven’t missed her although others apparently have. Here’s an image from a quick search, for what it’s worth.

The government is going to have to deal with this one quickly and certainly faster than it did with the initial response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and Canada’s air space.

I would be surprised if this was a vaccine adverse event because I don’t believe that any at the highest level in the government would take the vaccine … saline maybe but not Pfizer or Moderna.


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