Under the category PsyOps I have a topic on the use of propaganda and behavioural modification used in techniques in Canada: Narrative Control and Propaganda in Canada. A Canadianism reporter, David Puglise[1], has written a number of articles describing how a unit of the Canadian military has been developing propaganda techniques and other aspects of psychological warfare, apparently unauthorized. Their work has extended to actual practice on the Canadian public. The intent is to develop techniques and strategies that the military can use against the public in the future.

That the highest levels of the military were apparently unaware speaks of a military whose chain f command is broken. This is an extremely dangerous situation when one’s military is out of control.


I initially published this post with a video titled “The whole story of Covid, and our world affairs right now.” The decision to publish was based on viewing the first 20 minutes or so. At 2+ hours and considering the amount of material that comes to me daily, I made the decision that it was a well-crafted description of what is going on in the world and published it.

A comment from a friend, however, as to where I was going with it caused me to review it, particularly the close. I discovered that the video switched from a documentary of events to representing a natural lifestyle doctrine that in itself may have wholesome aspects.

In researching it and trying to identify the anonymous source of the documentary I looked at the reference links at the end. Several were to a a Gaia streaming service[3]. This in turn led me to conclude that the video was a creation of the Gaia religious organization. As such it is the work of a pagan cult which denies the existence of good and evil and therefore God.

I deliberated as to what to do with the video. For quite a while I have been following and reviewing daily, my dreams. I had a dream last night that was interpreted as I was presented with a situation where many religions and systems of belief, sacred and secular, were being made available. The setting was a huge cafeteria like a food court with people lined up at many different serving stations waiting to be fed their particular choice of food. In the dream I found nothing that attracted me to eat.

As I meditated further on all this I realized that while serving up this video with a caveat was my first idea, it was simply something that should not be served to people. Gaia[4] is anti-Christian and no one needs to see it.

There are others who have written well of the big picture of today and I will add them here as I encounter them. An example is a summary of the virus’ operation and role as a bioweapon by a person writing under the pseudonym Spartacus[2].


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  2. Spartacus. The Automatic Earth. September 26, 2021.
  3. Fraser J. Gaia; The Craziest Streaming Service or The Most Dangerous? Money Clip. February 28, 2020.


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