I have featured Micheal Eldrige’s work since I opened this site last year. Most of his work has been of 4-part a capella hymn. Today he released a performance of Palestrina’s motet, Sicut Cervus – a great divergence for him in subject matter and the aural complexity of polyphony. Here it is.

Here is the score for those of you who want to sing along. The tenor opens on a G of the treble cleff followed by the alto below and the soprano a bar later on the same G. I don’t know how he mixes his parts but the sound is exquisite.

In doing some research I came across another single performer named Pasha Lisitsyn. Here is his performance pitched slightly higher to suit his higher vocal range.

Again a well-mixed lovely permanence.

Finally, here’s a new piece from my favourite youth performs at Fountainview Academy:


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