I had planned to write an article on the Omicron fear that authorities and the media attacked the public with when nothing was known about the variant other than it was mild as reported by the South African doctor (S.African doctor says patients with Omicron variant have “very mild” symptoms) that isolated it. I lost a lot of material when I accidentally closed my browser windows. Instead, I’ll report in pieces around relevant news.

Omicron Update: Why Omicron is So Mild

An article today published by Zero Hedge references work done in South Africa on how an Omicron infection works: Scientists Shed New Light On What Makes Omicron Spread. For reasons that the article explores, the virus, at least in milder cases, remains in the upper airways and does not infect and damage the lungs like earlier variants.

We know from recent research, that the fully vaxxed are more likely to get Omicron than the unvaxxed (I’ll report the next paper on this that I find). We also know that they carry the same viral load as the unvaxxed (Viral Loads Similar Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated People).

Ontario requires those in contact with an infected person to isolate for 5 days if fully vaxxed and 10 days if unvaxxed (Ontario introduces shortened isolation periods, new testing guidelines). Considering that the majority of infections now in Ontario are among the fully vaxxed, this policy makes absolutely no sense other than as a punishment to coerce the unvaxxed to take the life-threatening jab.

NATO, Russia, the Ukraine and WWIII

This is another topic area that I have followed for years. On this site, you can find some work on NATO in The American Empire. Currently it is heating up and you likely need some background. If you are the average Westerner, you likely have a ‘genetic’ hatred of Russia and view every action it takes as aggressive. You also likely consider that NATO and the West are the ‘good’ guys. Wrong on all counts.

In the following article, some facts should lead to a more balanced perspective: “Imperialist Russia?” Four Western Provocations That Led To The Current US-Russia Crisis.

Going Forward with my new format, I will share relevant material as it emerges, in the “Addendum” section. This is a critical topic because the Neo-conservatives governing US foreign policy such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Atlantic Council are extremely hawkish towards Russia and still fighting the Cold War. The Ukraine is Russia’s line in the sand. To put it into perspective, think Cuban Missile Crisis.

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone is probably one of the most competent people speaking out about vaccines and the COVID crisis. I was going to post an interview with Joe Rogan but YouTube censored it. That is usually an indication that it is too close to the truth and antagonistic toward the official narrative. The video resurfaced today on Rumble. At 3:06:03 it is long but provides extremely valuable commentary on the topic from an insider.

Subsequent to this interview, the attacks on Malone increased including accusations that he did not invent mRNA vaccines. In his defence, he published a list of patents and scholarly articles that show in fact he essentially did invent the mRNA vaccine technique: Bushwhacked by Alex Berenson on Fox News.


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