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I’m adding this new topic. From the Cambridge Dictionary comes this definition which describes the intent of the topic:

a way of referring to a government, ruler, or person in authority that has complete power and tries to control people’s behaviour and thoughts and limit their freedom

The Cambridge Dictionary

It will cover the measures that the authorities in government everywhere are taking to increase their control over you and restrict your freedom, particularly by surveillance. I don’t see writing an article on it. Rather, I will post links to news items and articles written by others. This way you can dig into the topic to the depth that you are inclined to. Today’s items:

Narratives, Mass Psychosis, and the Covidian Cult

OffGuardian, a source of excellent essays, has initiated a discussion among its followers with the article DISCUSS “Mass Psychosis” Trending on Twitter. The article focuses on the idea of a mass psychosis gripping society. I’ve discussed the idea in The Psychology of Control. CJ Hopkins has discussed the idea in his three-part essay on what he calls the “Covidian Colt”. I present his work in The Role of Narratives along with a more general discussion of cults and narratives.

The idea of a narrative occurred to me sometime last year. Undoubtedly it wasn’t original but the result of some un-noted article that I had read. Still, I developed my thinking around it before doing a search only to find that there is a well-developed body of research called Narrative Theory. Incidentally, I recommend developing your own ideas before bringing in outside influence.

In late news, Google Manipulates Results As “Mass Formation Psychosis’ Searches Explode Due To Collapsing COVID Narrative. Gwtting close to home.

Think about the mass psychosis controlling society and who is responsible for it.

Vaccine Deaths

The death rate from the vaccines is a topic of hot debate. The latest Open VAERS report shows:

As their site notes, these numbers are likely underestimated by as much as 100 times. The difficulty is to get anactual estimate of vaccine deaths. To do so we look elsewhere for data yjay might provide an indication. The following article gives an interesting approach to ferreting it out: Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64.


Trudeau: Here’s the actual broadcast of his hate speech, French with English sub-titles.

Martin has a good commentary on Trudeau: Trudeau Dehumanizes the Unvaccinated Population.

Links of Note:


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