Nailing the CBC

I will not either watch or listen to the CBC. It has become a tool of the Federal Government for social engineering and outright propaganda. Nothing that they present should be taken at face value if you are a person capable of critical thinking, indeed even thinking at all. It is the strongest form of psychological poison available to Canadians without a prescription.

An insider, Tara Henley, who is now an outsider, has come forward and now gives a scathing analysis of the CBC: Speaking Freely .

Comparing the Vaxxed to the Unvaxxed

A letter by Günter Kampf to the Lancet confirms what recent data has been showing: The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing. He summarizes British and German data and finds the following points (emphasis added):

  1. The vaxxed appear more likely to get COVID than the unvaxxed: “the COVID-19 case rate per 100.000 was higher among the subgroup of the vaccinated compared to the subgroup of the unvaccinated in all age groups of 30 years or more.”
  2. At odds with this is the finding if I understand it correctly is: “The SAR [secondary attack rate or infectivity] in household contacts exposed to the delta variant was 25% (95% CI 18–33) for fully vaccinated individuals compared with 38% (24–53) in unvaccinated individuals.”.
  3. Peak viral load did not differ by vaccination status or variant type.”
  4. German and UK data showed “clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission.”
  5. A report from Israel of an infectious outbreak found that the “source was a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.

The author’s concluding remark is: “It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.

Clearly all our public policy is not based on science but political agendas and from an epidemiological perspective has little or no value. Ask yourself how well vaccine passports have worked given that they were implemented before Omicron burst on the scene. As for masks, they never did work ant the proof is in the epidemiological data.


Here is the latest video from our favourite satirist, JP Sears. The content is American based but can be transported to the favourite authoritarian regime of your choice.


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