I have written some background information on NATO and the Ukrainian front in The American Empire. I have noted from time to time some of the aggressive actions that NATO has taken towards Russia and other countries. Indeed, I view NATO as America’s foreign legion. A key point that I wish to emphasize is that we view NATO and the American Empire as the good guys – that’s us. This bias does not even enter into our consciousness.

We have been programmed from birth that Russia is evil and that Vladimir Putin is an evil dictator repressing his people. Any cyber crime is automatically assigned to Russians. Russia is spoken of as if it is some kind of aggressor trying to take over at least a good part of Eastern Europe. In fact it has only repossessed the Crimea which Khrushchev, a Ukrainian, had given to Ukraine only to administer.

If you want real insight into the situation, imagine what the American response might be if Russia became friendly with Canada and wanted to move troops and armoured divisions or missiles into Southern Ontario … or Cuba. The Ukrainian border is at its closest to Moscow, about 280 miles. This is closer than the Canadian border at Buffalo to Washington DC, about 290 miles.

As for Putin, read the article by Harald Malmgren titled “What the West gets wrong about Putin” to gain some insight into the man and why the Russians love him.

As I noted in my article, we are now in a multipolar world and the US is only slightly ahead of Russia and China in military strength (see: 2022 Military Strength Ranking). The lower the number means more firepower). Further, as I have noted, Article 5 of the NATO charter – Collective defence – Article 5 – escalates any kinetic conflict between Russia and any European NATO country, effectively all of Europe, into a world war.

NATO policy is determined by the Atlantic Council, a US based think tank that is still fighting the Cold War. More recently they have ramped up pressure on Russia using Ukraine as a pawn. Recent examples of NATO aggression include:

Eisenhower carrier strike group

Not only has the CIA been actively training Ukrainian military and para-military unit (read: CIA-trained special ops could fight Russians in case of Ukrainian invasion – report), but the US has for a long time been supplying advanced weaponry to the Ukrainians (read: US considering sending extra weaponry to Ukraine as fears mount over potential Russian invasion). Note the “extra” comment.

What is equally worrisome is that US rhetoric against Russia has been increasing. This is always done before a military incursion to prepare the population so they think that it is justified. Remember Colin Powell’s vial of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction presented to the UN: Colin Powell’s UN speech: a decisive moment in undermining US credibility?

To go to war would be suicide for the US. Whatever remained would be forever subdominant to China.

Time to Take a Stand

JP Sears gives us some insight into a feature of the mass psychosis gripping society – blind obedience to authority. In the following video he references the famous experiments done by Stanley Migram. Here’s the video:

Here’s a link to a PDF copy of the book (may take several minutes to download): Obedience To Authority.

Links to Items of Note

These are stories that I thought relevant to current issues and debate but haven’t time to explore. As such, I have not verified with sources. This is the start of a bread crumb trail for anyone who wishes to investigate, a technique that I use extensively on news.


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