If you hadn’t noticed, all discussions about vaccines by health officials and politicians omit any reference to the risk of serious debilitating injury, let alone death. After all, if you were told the complete truth, that the vaccine will not prevent you from getting COVID-19 or ending up in the ICU or dying, but may put you in a wheelchair for life or kill you, maybe you would be a little hesitant.

What I’m Watching

Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog posts three weekly videos. On Wednesday and Saturday he interviews prominent and sometimes controversial people. On Friday he posts a Weekly News Wrap-up. In his latest video he interviews Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. This came up timely because Dr. Roberts gives a good overview of the current situation involving the Ukraine and how serious things are. In my recent Fault Line presentation on the Ukraine I introduced the issue. This video fits in nicely.

This video below also covers the topic of vaccine deaths, the primary subject in today’s post.

How Well Ontario’s COVID Mandate Measures Have Worked

Here is a recent chart of new cases per day in the US:

Now here is the chart of the daily total “actine cases” in Ontario as of today, January 22, 2022. Note the maroon line which is the number in hospital. Keep in mind that this does not count the mild or asymptomatic cases that will never be tested.

Source: Ontario Hospitalizations.

You can find data from any jurisdiction in the world that has a similar profile.

The recent spike is due to Omicron. In Ontario it peaked January 10 at 140.5K cases. Today the case number is 71.4K. almost half the peak. Other jurisdictions peaked a couple of weeks ago.

The point is that the pandemic is over. Britain recognizes this and lifted all restrictions: Boris Johnson lifts COVID restrictions in Britain. Ontario, with some of the most repressive mandates on the continent also is taking [Warning: turn your satire detector on] bold and decisive action: Ontario announces three-step plan to gradually lift COVID-19 restrictions.

A question to be asked is that with no real health emergency, are the autocratic actions of the government now legal?

I don’t have the exact dates when most measures were enacted, but mask usage and social distancing have been in place since early 2020. Looking at case data it is clear that these measures have contributed greatly to suppressing disease transmission. Symptoms onset has a median elapsed time from infection of 5.1 days. So, 5 days after a mandate is implemented a drastic drop in infections is noted. Really clear on the graph isn’t it.

Similarly, capacity restrictions, quarantines, and lockdowns, as seen in the data prevented the spread of disease (you see that, right?). Finally, the most effective measure of all, the vaccine passport was announced September 01,2021: Ontario Government Announces Vaccine Passport System For Non-Essential Business Access. As can be seen, it stopped Omicron dead in its tracks back ther in early September. At least that is what authorities are taking credit for. After all, cases are falling much like what we expect from a natural disease after it has peaked on its own.

I hope you can sort the satire from the fact. Can’t resist an opportunity for a little serious fun.

Athletes Are Dropping like Flies:

The vaccine has been a career-ending event for many athletes:

These articles may have overlap. I’ve seen other articles that at the time I did not capture. Athletes falling on the field is a topic most people have heard or seen something of. Sometimes when there are no effective systems to capture data like this one I have to fall back on news reports and anecdotal stories to raise awareness.

Airline pilots are another group experiencing severe adverse reactions, particularly clotting and cardiac problems: Whistleblower ‘My Colleagues Are Dropping Like Flies with Crushing Chest Pains’.

All Causes Mortality and Vaccine Deaths

Sometimes you have to approach a problem through the back door. Since we have no reliable reporting system for vaccine deaths, a way to estimate them is to look at a country’s ‘all causes mortality’ or ‘excess deaths’ figures.

Deaths in Canada

To use an example, Statistics Canada has a data table called “Provisional weekly death counts: Interactive tool“. It sounds ideal – up-to-date weekly death counts. Here’s the data as of January 19, 2022. The black dotted line is the most recent data.

Statistics Canada

Oops. The last entry is for week 39, the last week in September, 2021. Now why would a Canadian government agency be over 3 1/2 months late in reporting “weekly” data? The spike in deaths in early 2020 is no surprise because the virus was just going through the retirement and nursing homes. But the spike in August 2021 is highly anomalous because COVID deaths were low at that time.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not miss an opportunity to call for 100% vaccination. Indeed he regularly vilifies the unvaxxed setting an example for the mindless sheep of the Canadian population. An anomalous death trend that might spark vaccine hesitancy would run counter to the government’s objectives. Maybe they need to hide the data.

VAERS Under-Reporting

I have written several times of the VAERS under-reporting of adverse effects. The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care study found 100x under-reporting. Steve Kirsch has dome a separate calculation. He comes up with a figure of 41x. Here is the article in which he shows how he calculates the number: How to verify for yourself that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines and

Other reports of anomalous deaths are mounting:

When you read these reports, you find that there are a number of causes such as drug overdoses that are COVID-related but not vaccine-related. Still there is enough evidece of deaths that correlate to the vaccine program and not other sources.

Another Back Door

The insurance industry maintains accurate records of death claims so that an anomalous rise as reported in the video below draws a good deal of attention.

Links to Items of Note

These are stories that I thought relevant to current issues and debate but haven’t time to explore. As such, I have not verified with sources. This is the start of a bread crumb trail for anyone who wishes to investigate, a technique that I use extensively on news. Don’t forget to smile and be happy – or else.


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