This is a theory that I had never heard of a couple of months ago. Then I heard the occasional reference but didn’t investigate. Finally, I heard Dr. Robert Malone in his interview with Joe Rogan. In the following video, Dr. Mattias Desmet, teacher of Mass Formation psychology, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Peter McCullough, all discuss the topic. Dr. Desmet is more studied in the field, but with his German accent requires attentive listening.

I have written some on Mass Psychosis in The Psychology of Control and the COVIDIAN Cult in The Role of Narratives. The Mass Psychosis and cult characteristics as described by CJ Hopkins provide a parallel description of Mass Formation. Mass Formation, however, has been used to study the structure of major 20th-century political movements such as Nazism in Germany and Communism in Russia. It maps unto the socio-politico-economic structure of global government that the WEF and its allies are moulding the world into.

The Principles of Mass Formation (MF)

There are four conditions that comprise the sate of mass formation. These are:

  1. Lack of social connection. Over the last fifty years, the social bond between people has been increasingly weakened. Direct social contact has been replaced by impersonal contact through digital devices.
  2. Lack of meaning in work and in life. The rise of the mega-corp has reduced the individual to a replaceable and and impersonal work unit.
  3. Free floating anxiety. This arises from the social isolation and general meaninglessness in all areas of life that people experience but are unable to fix. Intentionally induced cognitive dissonance, a cult programming technique, has been used by our leaders.
  4. Free floating frustration and aggression. The frustration created by the other three components is unfocused and unresolvable. It culminates in feelings of aggression that are easily channelled by a skilful controller.

When a large enough population of people experience these conditions at the same time, a skilful manipulator can introduce a narrative that creates a common bond. This removes the feeling of isolation and, done properly, provides meaning to the group. The energy created by anxiety is now focused on an external enemy which then becomes the focus of active aggression.

The importance of understanding Mass Formation is that it is the basis for the underlying strategies being used on you today.

Authorities, assisted by the media, have kept the population in a perpetual state of fear since WW II. First came the Cold War and the threat of nuclear Armageddon. Then came the fear of environmental catastrophe. The threat of terrorism was played for a while to be replaced by the the fear of roasting and drowning the planet before using the fear of death from a novel virus which has evolved into the common cold.

Isolation measures in many form such as masks and social distancing were imposed on a society made afraid of dying from some unseen virus. In the meantime, the modern state moved into totalitarianism having achieved virtual control of a major segment of the population. The final step has been to create an enemy class out of the state’s opponents labelled anti-vaxxers.

Countering MF

Because MF is a form of cultism, trying to break someone free of it is extremely difficult. Dr. Desmet suggests a number of steps:

  1. Speak out and speak the truth.
  2. Form small connected groups to work through.
  3. Present a new narrative to replace the false narrative. Do not try and resrablish the old narrative since that is the one that got you here in the first place.
  4. Do not present an alternative based on technocracy or trans-humanism.
  5. Use only a non-violent approach.

The end goal of MF today is a global Communist Technocracy run by the elites. Due to the necessary population reduction, the human carnage such a government will create will make all other past Communist government pale in comparison.

JP Sears Explains Mass Formation Psychosis

This is a good summary of the key points in the above video.


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